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Coconut and Charles

Coconut and Charles

Welcome to the imagination of a bright eight-year-old girl who loved animals and adventures. The wonderful writing came from a tenderhearted child who had five rescue pups of her own.

Come join Coconut and Charles in their little pup adventures with their beloved adopter, Brian. From playing fetch in the backyard to making new friends, they surely have a lot to enjoy in life. In these pages you will find messages about community and problem-solving, silly everyday fun, and a surprise in one of the chapters to see if you are paying attention (*wink*).

Some words are highlighted to enhance your child’s vocabulary. Have a seat and get ready to enjoy the fun!

Pages: 32
Pub Date: 02-15-2023
Softcover: 15.95 9781646639342
Hardcover: 25.95 9781646639366


Ellena Aislynn Vollmer, a sixteen-year-old girl from North Carolina, was fascinated with books and writing. She was a natural nurturer and giver of nonjudgmental ears. After her diagnosisof terminal brain cancer, Ellena's dream of becoming an author came into being with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Koehler Books Publishing.Coconut and Charles was written when Ellena was only eight years old. She wanted to help find a cure and help children with this aggressive cancer that took her life just seven weeks after her diagnosis. A portion of the funds from this book will go to the Ellena Vollmer Foundation.

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