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What is Wrong with Me?

What is Wrong with Me?

What Is Wrong with Me? is the compelling story of Anna, whose childhood sexual trauma and dysfunctional family looms over her journey to adulthood. Entering college, nothing seems to go her way. She struggles with every relationship and cannot trust the good ones, eventually finding herself in an abusive relationship as family secrets unfold in unpredictable ways. When she marries her abuser and has a baby, she is forced to abandon her nursing career. Locked in the prison in her head, she constantly asks herself, What is wrong with me?

Can she learn a new way of being? How does one break free from the only role and life they’ve ever known? Join her as she finds the answers.

Pages: 324
Pub Date: 11-26-2021
Softcover: 19.95 9781646634750
Hardcover: 29.95 9781646634774


Kris Hammoud is an author and clinical nurse specialist in adult psychiatry. After graduating from Emory University with an MSN in psychiatry and family practice, she has been treating patients with a wide range of psychiatric illnesses since 1999. She has worked for Veterans Affairs and in private practice and community health clinics, specializing in trauma, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction, and other psychiatric illnesses. Sitting with hundreds of clients, each with a unique life journey, has culminated in her understanding of people's ability to adapt and find resilience in the lived experience. She shares this knowledge and imparts therapeutic insights into Anna's journey of evolution in What Is Wrong with Me?

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