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The Lagoon Princess

The Lagoon Princess

When Princess the goose makes the lagoon her home and befriends a beaver, moose, and the ducks, she is the delight of all who come to the pond. Once winter arrives and Princess hasn’t flown south, though, she finds herself in trouble—but fortunately, thanks to her antics, she’s unwittingly made new friends who will come to
her rescue.

The evocative text of Jana Meador and colorful illustrations of Ian Welsh tell a story of mother nature and compassion that will warm the hearts of readers no matter their age.

Self-Published by Jana Meador


Pages: 56
Pub Date: 06-20-2016
Softcover: 9.25 978-1-63393-314-9
Hardcover: 11.25 978-1-63393-313-2