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Author Nexus

Author Nexus (AN) is an automated tool offered by Koehler Books as a courtesy to give authors a snapshot of their sales, starting 3-4 months after their publication date. AN provides a way for individual authors to track their sales in between quarterly royalty reports.

If you already have an Author Nexus account, log in here.

Authors with questions about Author Nexus should refer to the HELP button at the bottom of AN.

• It is a great way for authors to track their sales in between royalty reports.
• If you do not get a royalty report and check, get details from your Author Nexus
• it is not a royalty report or a formal statement
• It is not intended for authors to dispute the sales numbers.
• Authors who complain about Author Nexus to the publisher may lose their privileges.

Please contact Adrienne Folkerts if you have not been given access to AN within 4 months after your pub date: adrienne@koehlerbooks.com