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Conversations with Grace

Conversations with Grace

“Stay with it. The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi

The more we strip ourselves down, the more potent life becomes. Having the courage to unearth our individual truths leads us to the sacred space of an open, peaceful and loving heart, even in the midst of controversy and challenge.

While navigating through unforeseen death, the loss of her baby boy, cancer, and a miraculous birth through surrogacy, Julianne Haycox found herself nudged closer and closer towards a spiritual connection to her heart and soul. As she turned inward and stepped back out into the natural world that she loved most, she discovered that within this sacred silence were the answers to what she needed to heal and unleash. In Conversations with Grace, she shows that the most important aspect of our lives is how we show up each and every day, whether we are enveloped in divine miracles or entrenched in adversity.


Pages: 110
Pub Date: 03-20-2020
Softcover: 14.95 9781646630035
Hardcover: 22.95 9781646630059


Julianne Haycox is an author and photographer. She is the author of Be Still and Know, a book of her nature photography paired with inspirational and thought-provoking quotes. In her spare time, she is often outdoors gardening or simply communing with the natural world. Julianne lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with her husband and daughter. She graduated from Old Dominion University where her love of writing was ignited.

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