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The Monarchs

The Monarchs

The eyes are the windows to the universe, if one knows how to look. For a select group of extraordinary children, this has never been more apparent.


Born into a world ravaged by war, Samuel Helen is among the first in a wave of “new youth” children who possess abnormally large eyes and breathtaking psychic abilities. But Samuel’s powerful telekinesis cannot be managed by the team of scientists at General George Mabus’s military facility. He finds his only solace in his sessions with his wise tutor, Walter, who introduces him to music and philosophy, and his cherished weekly visits with an ordinary orphan girl, Evelyn, in the neighboring village.

When a twist of fate sends Samuel and Evelyn into uncharted territory, Samuel is forced to confront dark shadows from his past in order to unlock the deepest wells of his psyche, even the universe itself, and discover deep spiritual truths while harnessing his abilities-and facing off with vengeful enemies.

He soon realizes that he is part of something much greater than he could have ever imagined . . .

Pages: 404
Pub Date: 06-25-2024
Softcover: 22.95 979-8-88824-268-1
Hardcover: 30.95 979-8-88824-270-4


Mark Sabbas was born in Katonah, New York, and has always felt drawn to the transcendent, receiving his degree in philosophy from Bucknell University with an interest in metaphysics. Mark writes about the intersection of science and spirituality on his website, nothingtodoubt.org. He also mentors for the Aramis Creative Learning Center and has coauthored several books in the Divinely Guided Children series, which have been made into a cartoon animation. Mark lives in Pineville, North Carolina, with his wife, Stephanie, and two dogs. He hopes to travel the world and one day the greater galaxy as we look toward a better future.

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