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We Started with Respect: A Novel

We Started with Respect: A Novel

Gallup surveys show that two out of three employees are disengaged to some degree-loudly proclaiming that culture is an essential component to business success.

In this novel, newly appointed medical company president Jason Bailey inherits a disconnected enterprise that’s struggling from a lack of leadership, alignment, and direction. All business metrics point down, placing the company’s future at a tipping point.

With a product breakthrough in the wings, Jason and a revamped senior leadership group must establish the foundational culture and systems if they are to successfully develop and sustain the new offering and turn this struggling company around. Will it be in time? Will it be enough?

From forming through storming to norming and performing, follow Jason and his team as they balance business and people-centric principles in this comprehensive blueprint for success.

Pages: 298
Pub Date: 07-11-2023
Softcover: 20.95 9798888240335
Hardcover: 29.95 9798888240359


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George Saiz enjoys sharing leadership strategies from his experience as a medical device executive with Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer-Biomet, DJO Global, and MicroAire. Combined with the best practices he observed as president and CEO of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, he's convinced of the importance of including people in all business equations. As a writer, keynote speaker, and coach, he now promotes enterprise excellence through a people-centric culture to the next generation of business leaders.He resides in Carlsbad, California, with his wife and their latest addition, a goldendoodle puppy, and enjoys golfing and walks on the beach.

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