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The Darkest Season

The Darkest Season

Thirty-nine years have passed, since perhaps the worlds smallest, and most obscure revolution. Played out below the ruins of Poenari, in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, the Tepes family not only battled for their freedom, but the survival of their race. That singular conflict shaped not only the destiny of a family, but also a nation, and the entire world.

Estranged from their family, Nicholas Tepe’s sons, Alex and Ştefan, have turned away from their family, their beliefs, and even the bonds of brotherhood. In these times of isolation, the storms of the darkest season arise.

Published By The Twisted Pen

Pages: 300
Pub Date: 11-15-2016
Softcover: 17.95 978-1-63393-398-9
Ebook: 4.99 978-1-63393-399-6


Bruce Jones grew up as a classic horror film fan. Fascinated by the legendary works by Lugosi, Karloff, and Chaney, it didn’t take long (only 45 years), for Jones to discover his knack for creating a modern classic. In his short career, Jones has been a feature author at Book Expo of America for the Horror Writers Association (2014 & 2015), and a faculty author for the Falkner Society’s literary conference, Words and Music (2015).

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