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Outside the Wire: A Novel of Murder, Love, and War

Outside the Wire: A Novel of Murder, Love, and War

A retired LA counterterrorism cop and a fearless Army doctor risk everything, including their burgeoning romance, as they battle clandestine Iranian operatives bent on the slaughter of thousands of innocents and ultimately the destruction of America.

After a yearlong lull, local Iraqi insurgents launch a deadly mortar barrage at the sprawling Camp Victory Base in Baghdad, Iraq. Rick Sutherland, a retired LAPD lieutenant working as an embedded counterterrorism advisor, is wounded in the attack, and a local interpreter is killed. Along with Major Nancy Weaver, his former doctor and now partner, Rick embarks on an off-the-books investigation that quickly morphs into a race to stop murderous Iranian operatives from exploding multiple dirty bombs during a critical meeting of US and foreign heads of state.

Working together, Nancy and Rick make a formidable team-but will it be enough?

Pages: 300
Pub Date: 08-30-2022
Softcover: 19.95 9781646639236
Hardcover: 32.95 9781646639250


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Gary Edgington is a forty-year law enforcement veteran, and son of a police officer killed in the line of duty in 1979. While a counterterrorism task force commander for the California Department of Justice, Gary was embedded for nine years with the Los Angeles FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force; Gary also served as a counterterrorism/law enforcement advisor with the US Army in Iraq; on the Guantanamo terrorist detainee cases; with the Long Beach Police Department's Office of Counter Terrorism; and the US Special Operations Command. Gary has received recognition from the FBI, the US Attorney's Office, the California attorney general, and the Los Angeles Regional Office where he was named Special Agent of the Year. Gary's interests include spending time with his family, American and medieval history, world travel, and fly-fishing. Gary is married to TV executive Lisa Kridos, and the couple have two adult children and reside in North Carolina.

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