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You See Me

You See Me

Like all teenagers, Ella Heart has it all figured out. But when Ella is severely injured in an accident caused by her brother, she must go through the hellish years of high school with a disability and resentment. During her senior year, Ella meets a drop-dead gorgeous stable hand, and her perspective on who she thought she could love begins to change. Then a legal case is brought against her brother for wrongful death, and Ella must decide if she can forgive the person who stole her dreams—and if it’s still possible to create new ones.


Pages: 292
Pub Date: 10-15-2019
Softcover: 18.95 9781633938984
Hardcover: 26.95 9781633939004
Ebook: 7.99 9781633938991


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Dev Friedlander grew up in Atlanta, GA where she received a Bachelor of Social Work degree at Georgia State University. She has a growing following of her blog, Swimming Upstream, which focuses on life as dyslexic writer. Recently she had a short flash fiction piece published in the Fabulist Magazine on Medium.com and an article, "The Purse that Became a Thief" published in Hamodia Inyan Magazine, an international print magazine. She currently resides with her husband and three daughters in central Israel where she works and volunteers with elderly clients and spends every spare moment writing.

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