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From the Grit Comes A Pearl

From the Grit Comes A Pearl

When, after forty, Carrie finds herself not only dating again, but also contemplating marriage to the cutest boy in the world, she realizes how much she must rely on her imperfect faith in her God, in herself, and in her humorous outlook on life’s stumbling blocks.

Though always one to scream “Go big or go home” to the world, a few of life’s unexpected blessings bring her to her knees-dating, then marriage, when she’s already decided she would never “do that mess” again; becoming a stepmother to a teenage girl when she can barely take care of a sink full of dishes herself; and ditching the bustling big-city life that offered her constant entertainment for the simple life in a small border town that offers her not even a good taco.

Dedication, determination, and faith mixed with an extra big heaping spoonful of humor create this Southern woman’s favorite down-home recipe to share with all women who look to forge ahead when it’d be easier to hide from the world. Always remember, from the grit comes a pearl.


Pages: 152
Pub Date: 10-31-2020
Softcover: 14.95 9781646631971
Hardcover: 24.95 9781646631995


Carrie Scarborough Kinnard is a true Southern redhead. Which means she's a little spicy. And a little sassy. She exhibits true Southern charm and hospitality that can be rather hard to find these days. Carrie writes like she talks. She is sometimes guilty of making up a word or two as she goes. You can bet, though, with Carrie, you're getting the real deal. She believes in God, high heels and lip gloss. The very things no strong woman sashaying through the happenings of life should ever be without. Carrie firmly believes there are others who have been right where she's been in life: needing a push, or even a big shove, from God to keep forging ahead, and wondering just how much more of life can be conquered with a little humor. After tackling unexpected infertility, then divorce and being single again, she never expected or really wanted to find love again. But God had other plans.

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