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The Faith of Jesus: Questions from the 21st Century

The Faith of Jesus: Questions from the 21st Century

Familiarity leads to contempt, or boredom. Depending on the spirit with which we approach the Gospel, it either changes lives or is a waste of time. How do we uncover and recover the transforming challenges the Jesus of the Gospel puts before us?

By asking tough questions, as Jesus did, and by digging deeper into the only texts we have to tell us who he was. Often, something crucial gets lost in translation. Did Jesus really threaten us with a hell of eternal damnation? Is he God or man? If he knew on the cross that he would soon be raised to eternal life, would we be impressed with his sacrifice? In The Faith of Jesus, careful reading of the biblical record reveals surprising answers to these and other questions, and we delve into the notion that perhaps Jesus, like many of us, was guided by faith, hope, and a prayer.

Pages: 342
Pub Date: 01-20-2023
Softcover: 21.95 9781646638765
Hardcover: 30.95 9781646638789


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James Nash studied theology at the Catholic University of America, where he received a PhD in theology and taught full-time until 1994. He contributed to Introducing the Catechism of the Catholic Church, ed. Berard L. Marthaler, and has published articles in several theological journals. After a career in journalism, in 2014 he began serving with other volunteers at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle to provide unhoused guests with food and clothing. Beginning in 2017, Dr. Nash has worked as an advocate with the Way Home to Campaign to end chronic homelessness in the nation's capital.

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