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Remember Whose Little Girl You Are

Remember Whose Little Girl You Are

Remember Whose Little Girl You Are captures the flavor of the Deep South like no author since Eudora Welty or Flannery O’Connor. Ellen Nichols captures the tenor of small-town Southern life in the fifties and sixties, with its vicissitudes and hilarity. One is captured with her openness and drawn deeply into the dialogue-so much as to, according to one reader, sometimes feel guilty of spying.

Read it and see if you want those times back-or are just relieved they’re gone.

Moving Around, with Ellen Nichols


Pages: 128
Pub Date: 02-22-2022
Softcover: 14.95 9781646635146
Hardcover: 26.95 9781646635160


The reviews are in…

Ellen Nichols grew up in the American Deep South, but with a spirit of adventure, she went up to Toronto, Canada, for graduate school, and stayed fifty years. No, she wasn't a slow student; she just ended up getting married, raising a family, and building a successful career in charitable fundraising. She has been writing for a living for years, but always for someone else. Her grant proposals, direct-marketing letters, and especially her thank-you letters are legend. Her persuasive writing skills raised millions of dollars. Those Canadians loved her tales about her Southern life so much, she decided to write them down and they became Remember Whose Little Girl You Are. Recently, she moved back down south near Pensacola and is now writing about all her Canadian adventures.

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