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Loving Samantha

Loving Samantha

“I headed upstairs, physically and emotionally spent, wondering how we were going to persevere through this trying time. I was sure of only one thing. It is when you are totally helpless and at a complete loss as to what to do that God will meet you there, to comfort, protect, and help you through the pain. It is through the suffering and pain that I have learned and grown as a Christian. I know that Jesus loves Samantha and we would eventually find a way to alleviate her migraines. But in the meantime, we could count on His comfort and presence through this and any trial.”

Loving Samantha is a collection of inspirational stories of life experiences raising Samantha, a beautiful, 17-year-old who happens to have autism. Karen F. Jackson is the mother of Samantha and author of this faith-filled special journey.

Loving Samantha is divided into four sections with stories that exemplify moments with family and friends, personal faith and church community. The fourth section is a sampling of stories contributed by other “special” moms, who also share the blessings and challenges of raising children with special needs.

Loving Samantha is most importantly a book about hope. Deeply personal and painfully honest, these stories convey the important message that disability does not have to mean only hardship and a challenge to one’s faith. It can also be about growth and assurance that God is there for you.
Loving Samantha is easy to read and perfect for small group discussions. Each chapter is a jumping off point for conversation broaching topics such as marriage, sibling support, inclusion in church, and more with a hint of humor threaded through the pages. Scripture readings and discussion questions at the end of every chapter were carefully and prayerfully chosen to correlate to the chapter topic.

Self Published by Karen Jackson

Pages: 150
Pub Date: 02-15-2015
Softcover: 15.95 978-1-633930-85-8


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