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Wake Up, You’re Having Another Nightmare

Wake Up, You’re Having Another Nightmare

These are the personal experiences of the author and his wife in dealing with the post-traumatic stress disorder that he was diagnosed with while he served his last year of a twenty-year career in the US Army. This is the final installment of his three-book series, detailing the events that led up to his diagnosis. You will read about his experiences in combat, his two years as a drill sergeant, his time in Hurricane Katrina relief, and his ongoing counseling sessions at the Veterans Administration.


Pages: 154
Pub Date: 11-30-2020
Softcover: 19.95 9781646631674
Hardcover: 29.95 9781646631698


The reviews are in…

"An extremely remarkable book created with fearlessness, strength, honesty and every other ingredient that phenomenal soldiers are made of."

Colonel John Schwemmer, US Army

Nathan is a retired master sergeant who served twenty years in the US Army. He served as a light infantryman with additional skill identifiers as Airborne Ranger, jumpmaster, and drill sergeant. He is also the author of Division: Life on Ardennes Street, and Roster Number Five-Zero. Nathan has a master's degree in education guidance counseling and during the school year is a substitute teacher at his local middle and high school. He is married and has a daughter in college, and a son that works as an automotive machinist.

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