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And the Nobel Prize in Literature Goes to . . . Bob Dylan?

And the Nobel Prize in Literature Goes to . . . Bob Dylan?

And the Nobel Prize in Literature Goes to . . . Bob Dylan? delves into the fascinating story of the famous songwriter and singer who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016. Through a thought-provoking analysis of the works of Bob Dylan and other famous songwriters, author Dimitrios Naskos explores the complexities of whether songwriting can be considered high literature and if musicians who write lyrics deserve the same recognition as traditional writers.


At its core, this book celebrates the profound legacy of songwriting and the pivotal role songs play in our lives. By offering a novel outlook on the intersection of music and literature, Naskos encourages readers to delve into the realm of words and music in fresh and stimulating ways.


Pages: 236
Pub Date: 04-30-2024
Softcover: 18.95 979-8-88824-249-0
Hardcover: 26.95 979-8-88824-251-3


Dimitrios P. Naskos was born and lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. An accomplished academic, his educational background includes master’s degrees in musicology, cultural studies, semiotics, and creative writing. He works as a music teacher in a private school and teaches poetry and songwriting in the creative writing graduate program at the esteemed University of Western Macedonia. Dimitrios works as a book editor, runs courses on literary theory, and has been writing and performing music compositions for years. He has appeared several times on Greek television to discuss his books and previously authored Rabbit Man, a YA fairy tale, and What the Weather Has Saved, a collection of poems. He is currently working on a novel.

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