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The Gift of Lift: Harnessing the Power of Stewardship to Elevate the World

The Gift of Lift: Harnessing the Power of Stewardship to Elevate the World

We live in a world that tells us how to live, what matters (and what doesn’t), and how to get what it says we want. These impersonal, external forces push us around and leave us off-balance, confused, and fatigued. Like actors following a script written by someone else, we find ourselves uncertain of where we have ended up, much less where we want to go, and asking, “What am I supposed to do next?”

Among us, however, are those who live differently. Held steady by the pull of purpose that comes from something far bigger than themselves, they amplify that force with deep personal engagement. These women and men live in an ascending spiral of clarity, vision, and balance that guides their lives and allows them to make lasting impacts in the world. More than mere consumers, dreamers, or even owners, these people have found the ancient secret to a life lived as a steward.

The Gift of Lift seeks to unlock these secrets and provide a pathway towards intention, meaning, and purpose.

Pages: 204
Pub Date: 06-06-2022
Softcover: 18.95 9781646636617
Hardcover: 28.95 9781646636631


David R. York is an attorney, CPA, and managing partner of York Howell & Guymon, named an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Company. He has co-authored two nonfiction books (Entrusted: Building a Legacy That Lasts and Riveted: 44 Values that Change the World), given a Ted Talk, and is a frequent national speaker. More information can be found at www.davidryork.com

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