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Working the Kill Zone: An American Mercenary in Iraq

Working the Kill Zone: An American Mercenary in Iraq

Alex is a former US Army Ranger who signs up with private military companies to work government contracts in the war zone. His antagonist, Haider, is a humble Iraqi engineer who has been out of work for a year when he is recruited to make bombs for the fledgling Islamic State. Run the most dangerous roads on earth and kick in doors with Alex, and journey with Haider as his scientific mind struggles with the message from his God.

Working the Kill Zone is a unique view into convoy, static, and personal security performed by contractors in Iraq. It is about life and death in the early years of the war as could only be properly told by someone who was there on the cutting edge of this brutal struggle. Told in such vivid detail that you will feel like you are there, here you’ll find all the right ingredients: action, romance, brotherhood, and tragedy.

Pages: 314
Pub Date: 05-26-2021
Softcover: 19.95 9781646633456
Hardcover: 28.95 9781646633470


William Craun was a US Army Airborne Ranger. Then, for fifteen years he worked in Iraq and Afghanistan for private military companies (Custer Battles, Triple Canopy, Blackwater, MVM, Patriot Group International, and EODT) on contracts for the DOS, DOD, CIA, and NSA. He received a master's degree in history but passed on the PhD when his professors told him it was too soon to write about Iraq. He went back to war and wrote this novel instead. His other published works are not available for public consumption but may be requested from the CIA and DOS through the FOI Act.

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