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The Best Girl

The Best Girl

Joan’s neighborhood is filled with kids of all ages, but even her closest friends don’t know how violent Joan’s dad is, or how difficult it is for her to navigate the troubled waters of her home life. Joan becomes adept at reading her dad’s mood, and trying to prevent him from inflicting harm upon her mom. But, time and again, her dad succeeds in his mission. As the violence escalates, Joan is plagued with the constant fear that her mother may die. Repeatedly she asks the same questions: why is her dad so violent and why can’t he be stopped? Throughout the course of her childhood, several heroes enter Joan’s life. Readers will cheer for each as they offer Joan gifts of validation, acceptance and hope.

Joan’s exceptional yet frank storytelling brings the reader directly into her home, providing unembellished awareness of the multiple issues that encompass domestic violence. The Best Girl is a story of resilience and survival and, as the book concludes, readers are left with feelings of possibility and hope: it appears that sixteen-year old Joan is going to make it.


Pages: 356
Pub Date: 04-30-2018
Softcover: 19.95 9781633935822
Hardcover: 27.95 9781633935846
Ebook: 5.99 9781633935839


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Joan Hicks Boone is an author and speaker from Burnsville, Minnesota. Joan is a former registered nurse who practiced in a variety of settings in the Twin Cities area for over 32 years. In her memoir, The Best Girl, Joan takes readers through the experience of growing up in a family struggling with alcoholism, domestic violence, neglect, and other dysfunctions. Throughout the book, readers will see and feel what Joan saw and felt as a toddler, young child and adolescent—and how, through it all, she holds out hope that by being The Best Girl, she can make her father be healed and her mother smile. Joan is currently working on her second book, The Choicemaker, a sequel to The Best Girl. For more information about Joan, visit her website at www.joanhicksboone.com.

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