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The Rose Not Taken

The Rose Not Taken

By now, the windows of the tiny car were steamed up with breath. Estera looked at Don, breaking a sweet smile, and leaned over in her seat, placing her lips on him, kissing him for what seemed an eternity. Don, who was caught completely off guard, blushed beet red, yet loved every moment of the experience.

As Portland’s premier escort, Estera Hornbrook is otherworldly beautiful, enchanting . . . and tormented. Estera’s rise to prominence in her profession comes at a price, leaving her emotionally conflicted, restless, and unsuccessful in finding happiness in her life. Never one to give up, an embattled Estera forays into a dark underworld, which challenges one of her clients to rescue her.


Pages: 174
Pub Date: 11-28-2020
Softcover: 16.95 9781646632190
Hardcover: 24.95 9781646632213


K. T. Barnett writes fiction with an interest in romance, the supernatural, and historical buildings, places, and things. K. T. has traveled extensively around the Northwest, developing characters based on people met along the way. The sights, sounds, and settings for these stories are based on experiences journeying through the cities, country, and wilderness of Oregon. When not working on writing, K. T. is out cruising country roads in Oregon's Willamette Valley looking for old buildings to explore and local places to eat.

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