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Escape from Algiers

Escape from Algiers

Sequel to Betrayal in the Casbah.


Betrayed and wounded during the attempted rescue of an American POW in the ancient city of Algiers, Colonel Mitch Ross finds himself desperately defending his reputation, honor, and military career against a congressional investigation committee on Capitol Hill. As Mitch attempts to survive the cross-examination, members of Al Qaeda follow him to America to avenge the deaths of their comrades in the Casbah.

Meanwhile, Abella is still trapped in Algiers as Al Qaeda teams slowly tighten their stranglehold on her final refuge. With escape out of the question, death becomes ever more likely, and her dream of spending her life with Mitch begins to fade like the setting sun.

Can Mitch and Abella survive long enough to find each other again?

Pages: 236
Pub Date: 04-23-2024
Softcover: 18.95 979-8-88824-310-7
Hardcover: 29.95 979-8-88824-312-1


Ted Kissel spent three decades as a military officer, retiring as a colonel. In the US Air Force, he was a decorated combat fighter pilot, commander of a NATO air base, a Pentagon leader, and finally a military diplomat working in many US embassies, including in Algeria. Ted has an MA in psychology from the University of North Dakota and a BA in English and political science from San Jose State University. He is a graduate of the Defense Intelligence Agency School of Diplomacy and Counterterrorism and attended the US State Department’s Defense Language Institute in Washington, DC.

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