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ATOMOS HAS NEVER KNOWN HIS PAST and has no idea what future his guardian intends for him. Forced to leave his small secluded island in the South Pacific when his guardian disappears, the young adventurer finds himself in a world he doesn’t understand-and which doesn’t understand him. When he discovers a giant trash vortex, he begins to understand the scale of the damage that’s been done to our planet, and the necessity of reversing it, if possible. But Atomos knows that change never happens by chance alone. To succeed on his quest, he must find help. But what else will he lose along the way? Everything hangs in the balance.

Pages: 158
Pub Date: 02-22-2022
Softcover: 15.95 9781646636105
Hardcover: 23.95 9781646636129


Cole is a writer and a painter. He graduated from Notre Dame with an arts degree, majoring in political science and film, which he completed while winning two national championships in fencing.

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