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This is Not America (or… is it?)

This is Not America (or… is it?)

This deeply human collection of short stories explores the institutions of family and friendship and the shaken sexual relationships of people fighting to survive Greece’s tough reality as they are pushed to the very brink. Against the background of a country in economic crisis, each story carves a sincere, dynamic path ending with a sense of harmony, justice, and optimism.

In Greece, nothing reminds us of America. Here, there is no Hollywood, Las Vegas, or Route 66 with motels built in the middle of nowhere. Here, everything seems different. Well, this is not America (or . . . is it?).

Pages: 270
Pub Date: 08-08-2023
Softcover: 19.95 9798888240458
Hardcover: 31.95 9798888240472


Georgios Andritsos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has worked as a driver, bartender, DJ, and manager in trendy bar and restaurants in Scandinavia, England, Tenerife, and Spain. In 2007, his book A Little More Than Just Drinks & Cocktails won best book in the world at the London Book Fair. He received his master's degree in creative writing from Bath Spa University in 2013. He has organized creative writing seminars in Norway, England, Spain, and Greece, written two volumes of poetry titled Stop and Listen, and published a collection of short stories, This is not America (or is it?), in Greece. He edited the literary treatise And the Nobel Prize in Literature goes to . . . Bob Dylan? by Dimitrios P. Naskos, published in Greece by Diavlos, and is now translating it into American English. He is currently finishing his first novel, Dark Paths.

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