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Give me your slices and hooks; your club-throwing frustrations; your sore backs; your hot-under-the-collar and I’ve-had-enough-of-this-stupid-game temperament. More On Learning Golf is for you! Golfers with perfect swings need not read.

Percy Boomer’s pioneering 1942 golf instructional book, On Learning Golf, earned him entry as an inaugural member into the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and ranking as the number one swing guru of all time. More On Learning Golf is the only golf instructional book based entirely on Percy’s swing principles and Feel Simple Golf’s groundbreaking mental approach.

More On Learning Golf . . .

  • modernizes Percy Boomer’s timeless teachings;
  • gives five simple, integrated fundamentals to a powerful, accurate, and consistent golf game;
  • ties together the mental and physical elements of the swing; and
  • shows how to use the same swing movement from driving to putting-all of which simplifies the golf swing and makes playing golf more fun.

Read and follow the instructions in More On Learning Golf, and as Percy would say, “Hey presto, that’s a good swing!”


Discover how 2,000 years ago sworn enemies came together to find God in a new way.

Why another commentary on the book of Acts when there are so many out there already?

As a verse-by-verse compilation of commentaries and personal impressions of St. Luke’s writings in the Holy Bible’s book of Acts, The Book of Acts from a Layperson’s Perspective is written for laypeople from a layperson’s point of view; it is not a scholarly dissertation requiring a PhD in order to comprehend it.

The Book of Acts from a Layperson’s Perspective offers a simplicity in its presentation without being simple, providing curious readers the opportunity to appreciate Acts as an early-Christian history book as they discover the episodes and events surrounding Paul, Peter, and other believers, whether in a small-group Bible study or individually.

For a preview of the book, go to https://bookofacts.study.



“Mike, this is Kristin. Kelly and the girls were in a car accident,” the recording from my answering machine says in the stillness of my home. I hold my breath and wait for the next line, telling me, “. . . but everyone is all right.” It never comes.

Imagine parents with two young children, the husband recently laid off, saddled with a mortgage on a brand-new house, when the family’s minivan is hit and forced through an intersection by a reckless driver. Their lives are altered forever, but the family commits to each other through various hardships over fifteen years, encouraged when a pediatric neurologist calls their three-year-old daughter “the Miracle Child.”

In The Miracle Child: Traumatic Brain Injury and Me, Kelly and Michael Lang share their alternating and unique thoughts over the days and years following the tragic car incident that fractured their family and their lives, revealing the power of persistence, faith, acceptance, and above all, the commitment of family.



Imagine the Empire State Building removed from New York City. Imagine that building reconstructed brick-by-brick on your father’s private island-the trappings of the past stolen from the public to indulge unfettered hypocrisy. This is James’s defeated and ravaged landscape when his father, Fep Anglish, successfully monopolizes all forms of industry into one perfect company called U atop the collapse of the old world.

Ownership becomes a thing of the past. Now, anyone can have anything-temporarily. Is this hosanna? Maybe on paper. But to James, the “rent and move on” lifestyle is a total hell. And in this hell, his impossible dream of becoming something fuels his transience and passivity.

This is reality until one strange day, when the whole thing comes tumbling down on itself and James finally gets the opportunity to break away. In a U space shuttle, he travels to the ultimate unknown in boundless space.

Freedom, finally? The real hosanna?


RICHARD BREWSTER IS A FAST RISING WASHINGTON LOBBYIST in a large law firm with a bright future. But what if he wants to short-circuit the long climb to the top of the profession by creating a made-up client that has a phony problem? What if he uses that client to embarrass the president, to pass irrelevant legislation and arrange Congressional show hearings with professional wrestlers as witnesses? What if he charges the fictional clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees that the banks use to loan his law firm vast sums of money? Can he stay one step ahead of his partners, the president, the Senate, and the FBI?

Written with knowledge and insights by a forty-year DC lobbyist, Capitol Gains follows in the traditions of Christopher Buckley and P. J. O’rouke as a wild romp through the Washington lobbying scene.



While Experience Is the Angled Road: Memoir of an Academic is about leadership, it is not a handbook on how to be a leader.

When her parents moved from New York City to a small town in Alabama, R. Barbara Gitenstein knew that she just did not fit. After leaving for boarding school in the eighth grade, she discovered that it was more than being Jewish and a Yankee that made her an oddity. She was an intellectual; she loved classical music.

Before entering academe, Gitenstein learned to lead from the periphery, benefitting from exceptional and surprising mentors. She survived painful loss and life-changing challenges. In her memoir, R. Barbara Gitenstein captures the shock and the humor she faced when confronting the obstacles of being the only “whatever” in the room (woman, Jew, Southerner, liberal).



AMSTERDAM, 1941. Hanna is a young Jewish woman who is eager to have a child of her own, despite the harrowing conditions the family is facing. Nine months later, Hanna and her husband, Nico, welcome their beautiful baby girl into the world. As the situation in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam is strongly deteriorating, and faced with the threat of deportation, Hanna makes a heart-wrenching decision. She abandons her little girl on the corner of a sidewalk. She is then determined to make it through the war and does everything within her power to reunite with her daughter, a hope that is hard to be crushed, even when she becomes a victim of Mengele’s experiments in Auschwitz. The astonishing true story of a young mother who is faced with agonizing questions: how can she survive, what will happen to the family, and will Hanna ever see her daughter again?


Connections give our life meaning. We can all benefit by learning to connect better at home and at work.

Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success is like a self-help and a business EQ book made a baby. Doctor Kelly, a licensed psychologist, offers you a carefully crafted journey into growth. Joyful and easy to read, Psychological Secrets is for the person who wants to unlock their potential to find greater success by understanding what psychologists already know-in a clear, fun, conversational tone, as if you are her patient or a beloved student.

No other book will help you take concepts normally reserved for the professionals and learn to apply them in your relationships at work and at home. Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success is filled with the lessons Doctor Kelly has gathered from her work to help you find greater satisfaction through better connections in all the areas of your life.


Finding inspiration where she least expects it, one woman’s life is about to change forever.

Life has not been kind to Georgette. Growing up with an alcoholic father and an enabling mother, she clings to the loving memory of a childhood trip to Martha’s Vineyard to help see her through the bad times; and now, as an adult, she returns to the island to start her life over. Soon she becomes the private nurse for a prize-winning novelist. As the two become friends, he opens her mind to new possibilities.

But everything changes when she encounters the mysterious Dock. Georgette isn’t quite sure about him but finds him irresistible. She quickly loses herself in her relationship despite the inherent dangers that come with him. Torn between her own future or spiraling into a life she tried so hard to leave behind, Georgette must make her most important decision ever.

Sometimes escaping the past isn’t as easy as it appears.

The Silence in Sound is the provocative debut novel by Dianne C. Braley detailing the devastating effects of growing up with addiction.


A retired LA counterterrorism cop and a fearless Army doctor risk everything, including their burgeoning romance, as they battle clandestine Iranian operatives bent on the slaughter of thousands of innocents and ultimately the destruction of America.

After a yearlong lull, local Iraqi insurgents launch a deadly mortar barrage at the sprawling Camp Victory Base in Baghdad, Iraq. Rick Sutherland, a retired LAPD lieutenant working as an embedded counterterrorism advisor, is wounded in the attack, and a local interpreter is killed. Along with Major Nancy Weaver, his former doctor and now partner, Rick embarks on an off-the-books investigation that quickly morphs into a race to stop murderous Iranian operatives from exploding multiple dirty bombs during a critical meeting of US and foreign heads of state.

Working together, Nancy and Rick make a formidable team-but will it be enough?