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Michael Monroe is about to turn thirty and is going nowhere—literally. His car just broke down, he’s lost his job, his boyfriend dumped him, and he has $442.62 left to his name. Not a good look for the only son of Olivia Monroe, the ultrarich owner of the Daisy Diamond empire. Olivia left Michael to financially fend for himself after an arrest during his college years embarrassed the family, and he’s failing miserably. Rejected, frustrated, and lost, Michael screams, “What am I doing wrong? Just give me a sign!” to the universe, never dreaming he’ll get an answer. Even more shocking is who delivers it: his very own guardian angel, the iconic and forever-feisty Whitney Houston.

Chaos ensues when a psychic picks up on Whitney’s presence at Michael’s new job and a film crew captures the interaction. Thus begins a magical, spiritual journey that takes Michael, his best friend Lucy, and even his mother on a whirlwind adventure with Whitney from their everyday life in Manhattan through the Florida Keys, complete with stalking news reporters, inquisitive FBI agents, and swirling social media fans. With her own brand of charm, mischief, and mayhem, Whitney helps Michael discover his path and teaches him that anything is possible—if you just believe.



Who can you trust when a cold war heats up and conflict seems inevitable?

After collaborating to thwart nuclear war in The Able Archers, Kevin Cattani and his Soviet counterpart, Ivan Levchenko, developed a deep mutual respect—but in TheRighteous Arrows they are working against each other. Cattani, despite serious misgivings, conducts a perilous covert mission inside a Soviet bunker and barely escapes with his life, putting himself on a collision course with Levchenko. Their ultimate confrontation comes on a battlefield during the brutal Soviet war in Afghanistan, where Levchenko issues the American an ominous warning that will echo for decades.

Foreshadowing the global war on terror, former Air Force Intelligence officer Brian Morra illuminates the stubbornly persistent rivalry between the US and Russia in this heart-stopping story of international espionage and war.



The Unshatterables is a collection of short stories following families, relationships, and those grieving after death. With a diverse series of love stories—young love, widowed love, LGBTQ+ love, parent-child relationships, friendships, and siblings—The Unshatterables unpacks trauma, hope, and healing. Miranda Faye Dillon spotlights the many pitfalls of life—loss, heartbreak, and pain—and highlights themany grand moments—love, growth, and recovery. 



When the archangel Gabriel crashes down into a London Accident and Emergency department on a busy Saturday night, Grace’s already hellish shift turns into a living nightmare. Soon the spiritual sensitivity that has tortured her most of her life is revealed to be a unique gift passed down through generations—one that could save humanity.

Meanwhile, having come to admire humanity’s resolve, the Damned and his dark angels prepare to defend the very beings they were tasked to lead astray. As archangel Michael’s minions descend to cleanse creation of humankind, its chief corruptor, the Damned must rally his reluctant compatriots, make hard choices, and choose a side, fast. Can an unlikely band of heroes and imperfect humans come together in time to find their salvation in the Lightbearer?

Blending the grit of Game of Thrones with the supernatural flair of Good Omens, Andrew Bryan introduces us to a world of archangels and fallen angels that weave through human history closer to the mythology’s origins than ever before.



Growing up as an orphan in a Philadelphia group home, Chris Cho always imagined what his parents might have been like—but he never dreamed that his deceased father would leave him billions of dollars and the ability to create fire.

When Chris meets up with Princess Eira, the strong-willed daughter of an ice elemental from a hidden realm, their combined powers and prowess present aserious challenge to Chaoic, a demon of darkness scheming to conquer both of their worlds. Can Chris, Eira, and their friends find the legendary fire relic once safeguarded by Chris’s father? Or will they fail to live up to their potential and fall before an ancient evil?



“No one should ever feel alone, forgotten, or fall through the cracks, no matter what the circumstance or predicament may be.”

At some point in life, everyone will face a roadblock, obstacle, or will be touched by someone experiencing a challenging, tumultuous period. No one is immune tostruggles, but outsiders are often unsure how to best offer comfort and support.

Reach Out is a call to action for creating a culture of compassion and empathy by illuminating how to be there for others when they need it the most. This relatable resource highlights specific ways to help others in crisis as well as the aftermath. Everyone has a gift to offer, whether it is just picking up the phone to touch base, sending a card of concern, delivering a meal, mowing the grass, or other helpful actsWhat is your gift?




In today’s world, grief and adversity are everywhere, causing many to suffer and lose hope. From the depths of darkness and greatest loss emerges an intimate, candid, and raw story of a father’s search for meaning following tragedy. Walk On is a resilience-centered guidebook for overcoming struggle while teaching that the path to a purposeful life filled with kindness, compassion, and service resides within all of us.

Drawing upon his wisdom and leadership experience, Stephen Panus provides real-world applications of indispensable values and traits for becoming the best version of ourselves. We all suffer in some manner, but no matter what happens or how it happens, we all must Walk On.



Since 1839, the Virginia Military Institute has sought to produce graduates of honor and integrity, citizen-soldiers, and leaders. Graduates have had extraordinary success in landing jobs throughout the decades, becoming military officers or gaining acceptance to graduate schools.

After wondering for decades why her husband chose to attend a military college, Mayling Simpson began a quest for answers. Lives Guided by Honor reveals the secret formula of VMI’s success by focusing on VMI’s Class of 1968. Simpson examines the history of VMI through an anthropologist’s lens, along with the architecture and art of the post (campus) and the Institute’s changes through time, to explain how VMI uniquely influences and forms its students. Lives Guided by Honor is for historians, history buffs, alumni of military colleges, educators, and prospective students.




Jeanne’s expansive Upstate New York property, complete with a picturesque Victorian farmhouse, has been in her family since 1808. She hopes to pass the property down to her young grandson, Oscar, but, unfortunately, it’s the end of an era. The land faces enormous economic and societal problems, and as Jeanne ages, she finds herself at the mercy of a younger and unreliable workforce. Realizing her predicament, Jeanne must resort to hiring caretakers.

Unqualified, entitled, and manipulative, Lez and Rudge move upstate from New York City to become Jeanne’s supposed safety net. To Oscar, they represent the decay of modern society. And throughout their tenure as property managers, Oscar sees his pride in the land become hate for those who want to take advantage of it. Told through the lens of a satirically strange modern landscape, Victorian Stillness delves deeply into the life and death of an American property.


And the Nobel Prize in Literature Goes to . . . Bob Dylan? delves into the fascinating story of the famous songwriter and singer who received the Nobel Prize in Literaturein 2016. Through a thought-provoking analysis of the works of Bob Dylan and other famous songwriters, author Dimitrios Naskos explores the complexities of whether songwriting can be considered high literature and if musicians who write lyrics deserve the same recognition as traditional writers.

At its core, this book celebrates the profound legacy of songwriting and the pivotal role songs play in our lives. By offering a novel outlook on the intersection of music and literature, Naskos encourages readers to delve into the realm of words and music in fresh and stimulating ways.




The phrase “trinity of war” represents the intimate cooperation of the government, the military, and, most importantly, the people of the nation in the context of military action. With this cooperation, each member of this trinity better understands the issues prior to a fully committed war. Without this close cooperation, history has shown, success is highly unlikely.
Limited War delves into the criteria that determines whether a war is necessary and, once a decision is made to go to war, what is needed from the government, the military, and the people in order to win. The book revisits the mistakes and successes of six wars—the American War of Independence, War of 1812, Anglo-Irish War, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Iraq War—and discusses how the processes for either entering or avoiding war should change.


What is spirituality, how do we find it, nurture it, and live it—and how do we apply it to healing from a soul-crushing disease?

Alcohol and substance abuse disorders have baffled medical practitioners forcenturies because addiction is more than a neurological or physical disorder; it is a malady that eats at the soul. Rise in Recovery: The Spiritual Path for HealingAddiction merges ancient wisdom with neuroscience and covers the powerful effects of using spiritual practices to heal the overall damages of addiction.

While neuroscientists have proven that spiritual practices positively affect and heal brain areas, no book has taken this wisdom and applied it to treating addiction. Weaving together intimate first-person and client stories,  Rise in Recovery takes a unique and proven approach that breaks through outdated ideas to bring a sea change in how we can achieve long-term recovery.




Sequel to Betrayal in the Casbah.

Betrayed and wounded during the attempted rescue of an American POW in the ancient city of Algiers, Colonel Mitch Ross finds himself desperately defending his reputation, honor, and military career against a congressional investigation committee on Capitol Hill. As Mitch attempts to survive the cross-examination, members of Al Qaeda follow him to America to avenge the deaths of their comrades in the Casbah.

Meanwhile, Abella is still trapped in Algiers as Al Qaeda teams slowly tighten their stranglehold on her final refuge. With escape out of the question, death becomes ever more likely, and her dream of spending her life with Mitch begins to fade like the setting sun.

Can Mitch and Abella survive long enough to find each other again?



Sandwiched between Dr. Samuel Shem’s hilarious The House of God and Dr. Eric Manheimer’s Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital, Dr. Stewart Lazow’s A Surgeon’s Memoir: 40 Years at the County takes us on the author’s convoluted journey to becoming professor, vice chairman, oral and maxillofacial surgery residency program director, and director of service at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Throughout his forty years as a surgeon, Dr. Stewart Lazow witnessed countless patient encounters—some comical, some tragic, some that confirmed his faith in thehuman spirit—in addition to shocking resident foibles. He had his share of rewarding cases and heartbreaking failures and was utterly dismayed by a fractured, grossly inefficient healthcare delivery system.

The County wasn’t for everyone. He was just aCounty guy.”