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In this legal thriller, South Carolina Circuit Court judge Dan Borders appears poised for selection to the state Supreme Court thanks to his controversial proposal for dealing with death penalty cases. But a divorce he entered years earlier for Alana Morgan, a bright, ambitious school teacher, leads to a relationship that puts both oftheir futures in jeopardy. On the night Alana’s ex, Toby, is killed, Dan finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He and Alana strike a deal that may save them both.

Can Dan trust Alana to keep her vow of silence? Can she rely on him to protect her when an aggressive young Indian prosecutor realizes her account of the confrontation raises suspicions? Alana and Dan depend on each other to avoid the cliff that awaits both if the pact is broken as A Jury of One pushes the limits of human trust and moral reckoning to an unforgettable climax.



The world as we know it is built upon choices. If different choices had been made in the past, we might be living in an entirely different world. What if the so-called Lost Colony of settlers in North Carolina were in fact not lost at all but instead merged happily with the Native American tribes to create a new people and unique society?

Sixteen-year-old Charli is living in a pandemic-ravaged 2020 America when she stumbles upon the parallel world of the Q’ehazi. Drawn to these peaceful people, whose constant joy and optimism provides a stark contrast to the suffering and violence in her own life, Charli wants nothing more than to stay with them forever-but first, she must learn to attain a state of grace.

Can she forgive her mother’s abusive boyfriend? Can she learn empathy for her mother? In The World Beyond the Redbud Tree, Charli’s inward and outward struggles will lead her to a discovery she wasn’t even looking for: the beauty of her own world.



Katrina is just a normal girl navigating a series of challenges and discovering her own strength. Through difficult medical school classes, infidelity, tragic loss, and a ruthless attack, a guardian angel is there for her to vent her problems to. She thought this guardian angel was just a reflection of her own misplaced hope-until one message changes everything.

Just when all seems lost, something or someone is there to save her. Is it all in her mind, or has fate played a hand? Does fortune favor the brave, or will evil find her first? And what does a handsome Prince Charming have to do with it all? Come along for a nail-biting journey and an ending that no one will see coming, especially our young heroine.



Few Americans know the facts about the final year of US combat operations in South Vietnam. As political will to sustain the fight shrank and the US withdrew most of their ground forces, the Soviets and North Vietnamese sought battlefield success to strengthen their negotiating position at the Paris peace talks. In March of 1972, North Vietnam invaded the South with five armored divisions, massive artillery support, and modern Soviet anti-aircraft weapons, intended to sweep any remaining US military aviation support to South Vietnam from the skies. But the Soviets and their North Vietnamese proteges had miscalculated.

The remaining US aviation forces, along with the US Air Force and US Navy and Marine aviation assets, would not be easily removed from the battle. For the US forces still in-country, this is an untold story of heroism, dedication, and refusal to yield the battlefield despite being largely considered by US political leaders as “expendable.”



Social scientist and international consultant David Ryback offers an in-depth overview of the fascinating dynamics of The Big Split, focusing on . . .

  • the intense support for former President Trump,
  • the psychological secrets to why QAnon grew so quickly,
  • a neuroscientific explanation for the January 6 assault on the Capitol,
  • a clear explanation of how algorithms work,
  • what has contributed to the loss of trust in the government since 9/11,
  • how to bridge the gap to communicate successfully with someone on the“other side,”
  • the origins and power of conspiracy theories,
  • and finally, how a reliable democracy like the US can turn into a complete dictatorship if we don’t make some changes.



Keep Your Fork: Something Sweet Is Coming is an inspiring and motivating guide for anyone experiencing a challenge, whether it’s addiction, cancer, sexuality, depression, long-term readjustments from the global pandemic, or trauma. Chapter by chapter, Bill Kavanagh offers concrete help using his personal experiences and professional training to lead readers in examining their past, present, and future through exercises, writing prompts, and meditations.There is always light, always hope, and always love. If you are currently struggling with a challenge in your life, keep your fork. Something in this book will lead you to a sweet dessert.



In Face-Lift, Holly Curby provides insight into using social media as a positive outlet, showing how it helped her focus on her faith while overcoming her fears and persevering through trials in her life. Face-Lift will equip you for your own personal growth, reminding you that no matter the challenges, God can help you embrace hope through your heartaches as He provides you a total Face-Lift.



“Anyone is capable of murder, given the right motivation.”

When a girl is found dead of hypothermia in the middle of an Atlanta heat wave, the police are baffled. But Tara Sharp thinks it may be just the clue she needs to find her missing little sister. As she unravels the complex case, she becomes one of nine suspects, each a different number on the Enneagram, in the murder of Michael Higgins.

Each suspect will be true to their Enneagram number as they navigate stressful situations, like meeting a boyfriend’s parents for the first time, or planning a murder. Read along to unlock clues to which character is which number on the Enneagram-and, of course, which is the killer!



Ryan Gorman, a former military officer, is general counsel of a major, international, diversified energy company with many subsidiaries. When he is confronted with a series of unexplained murders and attempts on his life amid a corporate merger, he must draw upon his prior military training to solve the mystery, defend the country he loves, and save his life and livelihood and that of his family. Greed, corruption, sadistic criminals, and terrorists challenge more than Ryan’s survival. Can he emerge with his mind, soul, and values intact?