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December 15

Your Rejection, God’s Protection by Cheryl and Micah Chavers

Whether you are a CEO, a stay-at-home mom, or a student, at some point in life you will experience rejection! Rejection will attempt to interrupt the plans for your life, your success, and your happiness. It may cause you to feel bitter, angry, and resentful. But what if your rejection was actually God’s way of protecting you? What if challenges happened in your life so that you could share your testimony of deliverance and empower others? Your Rejection, God’s Protection analyzes the response of several characters in the Bible who were rejected and highlights modern day testimonies of those who have experienced adversity and overcome. The reader is provided with a unique viewpoint on rejection and how God rejects, protects, and strategically maneuvers us through painful circumstances into one of hope. By applying the principles in the book, you will see rejection in a new light, to help you live life more abundantly.



What I’ve Learned From: Passing on Experiences From a Life Well Lived by James F. Ross, YNC, USN (Ret.)

What I’ve Learned From . . . is a memoir filled with funny, sad, and uplifting stories as well as life lessons from twenty different experiences. From What I’ve Learned from…Being One of Six Kids, through being a Little League Baseball coach, Being from West Virginia to, finally, Why I Wrote This Book, you are given rare insight into what it’s like to be “one of the good guys.” These are the good people we all hope we and our children meet who share not only their experiences, but also their values in a loving, mentoring way.






December 17

Memoirs of a Fallen Angel by Deeton Charles

Angela is one of 10 daughters of two fallen Angels who came to Earth to keep a war from erupting in Heaven over a forbidden affair. Her tribe comes in contact accidentally with Adam and Eve’s tribe of eight sons. Hidden secrets come to light regarding the Angel clan and Angela fights to save her family from an evil that seeks to control Earth and all its inhabitants. Angela is asked by God to complete a mission that is crucial to the salvation of Humanity and bring back the balance that was lost when the Angel war erupted on Earth. She must find Cain, for he alone has the power to restore free will and agency on the suffering planet. But Cain has fallen in with the legion of the damned and is aiding them in their war against the Rainbow tribe of human Angels. Angela must overcome vampires, demons, fallen angels, and evil humans to restore the balance among the seven tribes of humanity, as well as the five original human clans, who now have blended with the Angel tribe and carry unique abilities. This provocative theory crosses Christianity and Paganism exploring a story that throws light upon many legendary myths, folklores, Superstitions and beliefs regarding Angels, Demons, Vampires, Shape-shifters, Werewolves, Witches, Fortune Tellers, Psychics, Mind Readers, Gods, Goddesses, Mother Earth, and the missing link, Heaven and Hell. Memoirs of a Fallen Angel is a thought provoking and engaging theory about the Human Origins on Earth.