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Millions of people struggle with the ups and downs of dieting. It’s an outdated cycle-and unnecessary. Stacey Crew, certified health coach and organizing expert, demonstrates that the way to break the cycle and find optimum health is to get your mind right, get your body moving, and get your kitchen in order.

Mind Body Kitchen: Transform You & Your Kitchen for a Healthier Lifestyle takes you on a journey to shift your thinking and head toward long-lasting, sustainable change. You’ll also discover how to incorporate daily movement and acquire easy-to-understand nutritional information that will have you quickly making healthier decisions for your body-because every body is different. Finally, you’ll learn a simplified method for organizing your kitchen that will allow you to make simple, healthy meals in no time!



Anna’s childhood experiences and dysfunctional family patterns loom over her journey to adulthood. She struggles with relationships and cannot trust the good ones, eventually finding herself in an abusive relationship, and family secrets unfold in unpredictable ways.  

Locked in a cycle of reacting to her emotional triggers and past, she constantly asks herself, What is wrong with me?

Through her journey to manage emotions and relationships, Anna gleams therapeutic insights and psychological tools, learning to cope with her mental health and discover healthy behaviors that lead to happiness and meaningful relationships. A fictional tale with a self-help twist, readers follow Anna as she hopes to answer one of life’s many questions.

How does one break free from the only role and life they’ve ever known?


Wildfire: Mission and Madness tells the story of Laura Ruth-her life, work, and so-called mental illness, schizoaffective disorder. Here Laura defines her own mental illness and shares what it’s like to live with voices. She also addresses what she believes to be key issues: learning to live with a severe and enduring mental illness; the recovery process; and what those with this form of illness face, be it experiences along their journey or the false beliefs, attitudes, and mysteries surrounding mental illness.

Follow Laura as she relates the high and lows in her relationships and her work through stories from the mission field during her twenty years of international travels serving others in times of disaster; and share in her exploration of the interface between mental health and spirituality.



Raephela is the sequel to the novel Homo transformans: The Origin and Nature of the Species. Both stories reveal a world in which a new species of humans, H. transformans, developed the genetic ability to transform, provided they had the genes that conveyed the capability. This creates a rift in society between those who support and succor H. transformans and those who seek to exploit them. Raephela continues the saga of H. transformans wherein Raephela Cassius seizes control of the Cassius Foundation and uses its resources to bend all people to her will.



Kevin Maloney has a strong inclination to serve others. Now separated from the military, where as a US Navy hospital corpsman he treated wounded Marines on the battlefields of Afghanistan, he’s applied to become a firefighter in his hometown of Philadelphia. In the interim, he sleeps on his brother’s couch and works in a nearby Penn’s Landing tourist attraction.

Mark Francini is a sports reporter willing to take chances to get the attention of the sports-media complex. When a local rising-star basketball player named Jerome Lawrence makes an unexpected exit from the public eye, Mark is bent on making something of the story.

A rekindled friendship with old school buddy Kevin Maloney quickly leads the pair into the neighborhoods of West Philly, but when they locate the athlete near his childhood home, they are shocked to discover the aspiring pro is dead, his corpse abandoned and disfigured. Mark is ready to write the ending to Jerome’s sad story, but Kevin can’t let it go and enlists the help of his uncle, a priest and seminary professor, to sort out the details. Together, they unravel related events and make connections that seem unbelievable. Soon the cooperation between Kevin’s circle of companions and police sets the stage for the wild capture of a previously unimaginable menace to the city.



Isla longs for a life beyond the real-estate business that her father runs. But career security is tempting. When she turns to her high-school sweetheart, Sayer, for advice, all he wants is for Isla to be happy.

The answer to her longing involves leaving Sayer behind in their New England sailboat town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, to pursue her future. With a heavy heart, Isla moves on from her past. But a stressful job in real estate, a broken marriage, and a family death leads her back to her childhood town, and to Sayer. Now Isla questions who she has become and who she wants to be, and if there was a place for Sayer all along.



In Mercy’s Heroes, a Vietnam veteran battling with PTSD turns from the business world to life as a volunteer, helping to rescue and protect street kids in Bangkok’s biggest slum.

Here Tom Crowley details the children’s efforts to survive abuse and the struggle for dignity waged by the poorest of families. Interwoven throughout, the author’s combat experiences and pain highlight the question of how to find personal reconciliation amid the struggles of abused children in the slums. In his efforts to help others, he gains a spiritual understanding worth much more than his financial loss. At the same time, he learns, “You must consign the failures to the burden the angels can carry and let go of the guilt.”

This story will resonate with all those who want to gain a deeper insight into social work at the street level. The successes are to be celebrated-the losses mourned. Mercy’s Heroes portrays the healing that is to be found in helping others.



How important is the well-being of the spirit? Can its condition cause us to live longer? Die sooner? Just as clinicians care for the body, patient care often requires spiritual treatment as well.

Providing realistic ways for patients, families, caregivers, hospital professionals, and even visiting clergy to process a wide range of emotions, Chaplain’s Walk addresses challenges of faith and hope. Wherever those we accompany must go mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to cope with illness, we must go as well. Chaplain’s Walk acknowledges we are all humans striving to do the best we can with situations we never anticipated facing, creating a safe place for those in distress to vent, question, and challenge the fairness of life and, if need be, even the love of their God.

Illness and tragedy change our lives radically and at times suddenly. Chaplain’s Walk provides a space in time to process circumstances in a way that can strengthen and provide relief of a burden never meant to be carried alone, exploring the pain, mysteries, and miracles of the spiritual side of medicine.



How does one embrace life after losing a beloved spouse?

Is it possible for a widowed person to live well, laugh more, and even find love again? Marie Scott’s answer is “hell yes!”

In How I Found Meaning (And Humor) In Widowhood, Firehouses, & Organic Vegetables: 7 Steps to Healing After Loss, this inspirational functional-medicine health coach takes you on a heartwarming and humorous journey from grief to healing to discovering new purpose. Marie shares funny stories and adventures from her thirty-year marriage to her firefighter husband, Dave, and speaks to how she healed her mind, body, and spirit after his sudden death.

Now thirty pounds lighter, off all medications, and in love again, she is living proof that her seven steps can work for others. They are a guide on how to live healthier, reduce anxiety, increase laughter, and realize what’s possible in what she affectionately calls “Life Part 2.”

Are you ready to embrace life again? Start reading. You will laugh. You may cry. But most importantly, you will begin your journey of healing.



Sitka Snow chronicles the continuing adventures of Police Chief Brady Snow, who works in the bush of wild Alaska, where human trafficking, bootlegging, petty and violent crimes, and dealing with bears and other wildlife all come under his jurisdiction. Combining the antics of a quirky, hard-scrabble community on the edge of civilization with historical details and insightful views of the Native lifestyle and mysticism, Sitka Snow is a realistic, stark, and funny look at the life of a police officer and the unique existence of people living off the grid in rugged Alaska. Join Chief Brady, his girlfriend Lilly, local villager Frank N Beans, some larger-than-life, hard-drinking bush pilots, and a host of other fascinating characters on an adventure you can really sink your teeth into.



Stanley the Pug liked to get into mischief, but he liked making his masters happy even more. A loyal companion for seventeen years to the Newhalls, Stanley was not just an amazing and funny character, but a member of the family, helping Chuck Newhall cope with tough times and tragedies. While he was not a trained doctor, Stanley still dispensed love and joy, curing all who were lucky enough to know him. This is his story.