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For most people, qualifying for a loan isn’t a very pleasant experience: banks and financial institutions demand your highly sensitive information but may not know you or your values. Your family members and loved ones, on the other hand, care deeply about you and have a personal interest in your success. What if they were able to provide you with the financing you needed, and at a fraction of the interest other financial institutions would charge? And what if there were proper boundaries to prevent money from hurting your relationships and instead actually strengthen them?

Learn how some of the wealthiest families in history have prepared and ensured the financial success of their descendants for hundreds of years through TheFamily Bank. Its principles and practices are scalable to any amount of wealthand any family, and you can leave the same legacy.



This deeply human collection of short stories explores the institutions of family and friendship and the shaken sexual relationships of people fighting to survive Greece’s tough reality as they are pushed to the very brink. Against the background of a country in economic crisis, each story carves a sincere, dynamic path ending with a sense of harmony, justice, and optimism.

In Greece, nothing reminds us of America. Here, there is no Hollywood, Las Vegas, or Route 66 with motels built in the middle of nowhere. Here, everything seems different. Well, this is not America (or . . . is it?).



Brothers, Bears, and Beers is the rollicking true story of adventures while big-game hunting in Alaska, fishing on remote Canadian lakes, canoeing in Missouri, exploring the Florida Keys, and attending college in the early 1970s. This humorous memoir covers just three years, but what years they were! Think The Adventures of Tom SawyerForrest Gump, and A Walk in the Woods, with a few Animal House pranks thrown in.

The story opens in remote Alaska when college buddy Ray accidentally discharges his rifle narrowly missing the author’s ear on the first day of a caribou hunt. From there, the tales grow ever livelier and more surprising. Brothers, Bears, and Beers is a winsome story unlike any other. Join in on the adventures as good friends tumble into trouble but get out on a laugh and a prayer!



On the Rocks chronicles the real-life journey of restaurateur Joseph Costanzo Jr., from his rise to success in the 1990s as owner of the highly acclaimed Primadonna Restaurant, radio host, columnist, and aspiring politician to his sharp fall in the early 2000s, ending in an investigation and a stint in federal prison. Costanzo is a complex character, whom readers will admire for his confidence and rebuke for his arrogance, will love for his generosity and despise for his egotism, and will learn from in both his attention to detail and lack thereof. This driven, not-your-average-Joe is an unforgettable character who achieves theseemingly impossible but can’t help getting in his own way. Come along with Joe for a bumpy ride on the Rocks!



Found alive after the massacre at Wounded Knee, twelve-year-old John Iron Horse is determined not to end up like so many others of his people. Then he learns the motto of the school he’s required to attend: “Kill the Indian, save the man.”

Carter Heath teaches in the government-run educational system and knows there’s more to his position than what’s happening in his classroom. He’ll soon learn that, in bureaucracy, politics, money, and ulterior motives are always intertwined.

Can the bond between an extraordinary student and a dedicated teacher survive in a world that pits red man against white?



The Last Laird of Sapelo is based on the tragic story of Randolph Spalding, theyoungest son of Georgia’s most well-known antebellum-era coastal planter and influential political figure, Thomas Spalding. Following his father’s death in 1851, Randolph parlays his father’s fame and gifted landholdings on Sapelo Island, hobnobbing from Charleston to Savannah to Milledgeville and ultimately failing to thwart Georgia’s decision to follow South Carolina into secession by early 1861.

Within weeks after the assault on Fort Sumter, Lincoln’s naval blockade threatens the entire southern coast. Colonel Randolph Spalding, now a reluctant commander of militia, faces a storm of life-altering events in the months that follow, imperiling his family’s legacy, livelihood, and lands. He ultimately must decide between supposed justice and saving the life of a slave who exacted revenge for the murder and rape of two children on Sapelo Island.



Connie has her whole life ahead of her. She has youth, beauty, and popularity in her hometown of Lapeer, Michigan. Putting her athleticism to use, she embarks on an adventure in the Army. She works hard, but she plays hard as well, and her continuous binge-drinking steers her life through complicated twists and turns. She can stop and function when she needs to, but will it be enough to keep her life on track? In this book, follow Connie through her constant search for her next drink and the life she struggles to build alongside it.



Eileen is looking for calmer days when she meets Vicenza, a Sicilian woman with ties to the Cosa Nostra. They become friends and make plans, but Vicenza guards too many secrets, and the Sicilian families will never let her go free. There is only one way out: to challenge the male Sicilian bosses.

They fly to Sicily to meet the Belle Signore: mothers, wives, and sisters of Cosa Nostra men. Sicilian godmothers who know their businesses very well but favor acting far from the limelight. With their help, Ellen and Vicenza confront the bosses-but they soon find out that there is always a price to pay.



Becoming Me, By Hand embraces the power of intuitive writing through a combination of memoir and guided journal, blending freewriting, prose, and cultural commentary. Using wisdom gained from her own personal struggles and resulting spiritual growth, Layla Lynn has created this book for you-as both inspiration and a call to action for a more actualized life and self-awareness.

Becoming Me, By Hand not only provides an opportunity to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings but also ultimately helps you to find your own power in doing so.



Dragons are among the earliest mammals to appear on Earth. They arose during the late Cretaceous Period. Over time, they settled into different environments, which led to the development of different dragon species. Dragona provides insight into the evolution and natural history of fire dragons: their physical characteristics, their social behaviors, and their interactions with humans. People who are fascinated with dragons will find their tales intriguing and entertaining. Illustrations of each species of fire dragons support their individual stories.