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Exiled South

by Harriet Cannon

Lizbeth Gordon, a school counselor and master at facilitating conflict resolution in everyone’s life but her own, returns home to South Carolina after her husband’s sudden death. Seeking solace at the ramshackle family cottage, she walks the winter beach, but the quiet life doesn’t last. An elderly aunt hints at troubling family secrets: a blockade runner hunted as a traitor after the fall of Charleston, and ancestors who disappeared during Civil War Reconstruction. Curiosity drives Lizbeth into research that dead ends. A job offer from a school in Rio de Janeiro seems the perfect hiatus from recent disappointments. But tentacles of the past reach across the continents. Lizbeth meets a multiethnic colleague, a descendant of Confederate exiles, with the Gordon surname and nineteenth-century documents. Robert Gordon’s letters describe bold escapes from Federal blockaders and American Civil War intrigue in Scotland. Laurette Gordon’s diary shares a heart-wrenching story of sacrifice. Unlocking a generations-long secret will open a path to family reconciliation and healing.

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