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Hard to Keep Happy serves as a comprehensive personal guide for achieving holistic well-being, including physical, mental, and emotional health, financial stability, and fulfilling relationships that lead to genuine happiness. The book commences by highlighting the importance of physical health through a focus on diet and exercise. It then delves into the criticality of financial security, providing readers with practical advice on managing their money and making prudent investments. Finally, the book emphasizes the significance of building meaningful relationships with family, friends, and partners for a fulfilling life.



Lieutenant Colonel Finnegan has served in the army for twenty-four years. It’s been a remarkably unspectacular career. But now he’s transitioning out, and for once in his life, he faces a decision more important than regular vs. light beer. With no readily marketable skills, he has a series of misadventures and ends up in . . . the Army, with a big “A”—the unwieldy leviathan that recruits, trains, and supplies the little “a” army. And it’s not a great fit.

In Finnegan Begins Again, you’ll meet Mamzelle Reynard, the barbecue queen of the South and the owner of Tiger Corp, a new government contractor; COL Harvey, the Army’s innovative and risk-taking program manager; “Sad Sack” Sanders, the former Army Acquisition Corps contract specialist; and a memorable collection of military veterans that save the day on a different type of battlefield.



When Jan Moves to Guatemala with her young daughter to run a medical clinic on the heels of her divorce, she knows the experience will be difficult and life-changing. But she doesn’t anticipate all the ways she will change.

To make sense of her professional, personal, and parenting turmoil in a country with plenty of its own turmoil, Jan finds herself adopting a Maya worldview that weaves together concepts of duality (there can be no light without dark, no joy without pain), harmony with nature, and the importance of connecting to the past to understand one’s present self.

Awash with elements of Maya mythology, history, and culture and innumerable revelations of the compassion, intelligence, and resilience of the Guatemalan people, Bird’s-Eye View is a coming-of-middle-age story that shows how viewing life through the prism of a different set of myths can help an individual understand the familiar tales they have unwittingly followed.



Like so many others, Laura and Jessica are hopeful, romantic, and looking for love. As luck would have it, both women find themselves swept away by the men of their dreams. But as their relationships evolve, patterns and behaviors emerge that reveal the cruelty of both men, who repeatedly force Laura and Jessica through abusive cycles of idealization, devaluation, and discard. These patterns of abuse are characteristic of narcissistic personality disorder and are a methodical attempt by those with NPD to gain full control of their unsuspecting victims and feed their insatiable need for power and dominance.

The road to safety, freedom, and happiness is paved by education, knowledge, and support. The format of If You Knew Would You Say I Do is intended to allow readers to invest in and relate to Laura and Jessica and thereby learn how to understand and escape similar abusive relationships with narcissists.



Seriously folks, our kids are in crisis!
They are more lonely, mentally ill, and prone to self-harm and suicide than ever in our history. Researchers estimate they are three years behind socially and emotionally and not prepared to take on the rigors of high school and life beyond. The best way to ensure your child will thrive is to get ahead of the game and parent for mentalfitness. In this book, Dr. Hoy shares his mental fitness framework developed from research and decades of experience working with families and children. Parents, this is a call to action!



Set against the backdrop of the political and cultural civil war roiling America, An Eyefor a Tooth is a compelling criminal mystery told from a unique perspective.

As FBI agent Jake Gromer watches his personal values come under withering assault and fights to keep his professional world intact, he discovers a violent crime spree spreading throughout the Southwest. With only vague and mysterious clues connecting seemingly random assaults, kidnappings, and murders, Jake and his partner struggle to understand the curious behavior of the victims and capture the criminals responsible-because this is no ordinary crime spree, and nothing is as it seems.

Drawn from actual events, An Eye for a Tooth presents a thought-provoking moral quandary. Ultimately, who is the hero, and who is the villain?




Sam thinks her life is over when her parents tell her the family is moving weeks before school starts. Starting over is hard enough, but when it is your senior year of high school, it’s even harder.
Conner has a great life. He is captain of the school’s hockey team, dating a cheerleader, and ready to breeze through his senior year. He didn’t expect his life to be thrown off kilter on the first day of school when he meets the new girl.
Ever the Same takes you on a journey of friendship and love that you won’t be able to put down.
“Let’s learn from yesterday and live for today. It’s the only way to move forward.” —Anela Lee

When Anela Lee’s brother, Jake, dies on the football field, her family is shattered. Her parents never wanted her, and without her biggest cheerleader, she withdraws into her pain and insecurities. Even school, once a refuge, means nothing anymore. Only one teacher refuses to give up on her, pushing her to enter an essay contest that gives her a shot at Harvard. Still, self-doubt holds Anela back.

Then a senator teaches her about the many world leaders who have used their childhood trauma to do great things. The hope that Anela can turn her pain into something beautiful gives her back her spark and encourages her to enter the contest. But does she have the confidence to share her essay in front of an audience?

Anela’s Club is a coming-of-age story about rising above tragedy and learning to view life through a lens of hope and love.





Prepare to win!

You don’t rise to the level of your desired performance; you fall to the degree in which you have prepared. Have you ever wondered why you make a mistake when the pressure is on, forget about timely deadlines, or feel like you are just barely getting by? Your potential has been hindered by your inability to prepare, which has left every outcome in your life entirely up to chance.

Sweat More During Peace, Bleed Less During War offers a step-by-step, tactical blueprint that will reshape the way you think about preparation and give you the tools and techniques to transform your own approach. Each lesson delivers a direct application to sports, business, school, relationships, and general life. Whether you are an athlete looking to win a championship, an employee trying to earn a promotion, or an individual attempting to regain control of your day-to-day life, absorb and then implement these tactics in order to generate success that lasts.