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“Why do any of us keep secrets? It’s because we are ashamed of something.”

Kat Clemonte is a bartender in bustling downtown Miami but otherwise leads a hushed existence. She’s lonely, but she needs it to be that way—because for ten years, she has been evading the darkness, shame, and secrets she hopes will remain buried with her twin sister, who died in a tragic drowning at seventeen.

Kat is successful in her invisibility. That is, until polished Trevor Daniels comes to her rescue one night. His giving yet inexorable presence overwhelms her, and cracks begin to appear in her impenetrable walls. But then a bouquet of lilies ends up on her doorstep. Combined with the discovery of letters from her sister, these events suggest it’s only a matter of time before the twins’ secrets are finally brought to light, including some even Kat didn’t realize she was keeping.




Adoption involves complex trauma that, if unhealed and unheard, will pulse through subsequent generations. Pulled by the Root is a raw, vivid, and cinematic account of Heidi Marble’s lived experience as an adopted person. The story is led by Heidi as she pieces together her identity and comes home to her true self. Each chapter is followed by psychiatrist Alysa Zalma’s commentary, which extracts the essence of what is happening psychologically and spiritually.

Pulled by the Root is an awakening not only to the experience of being adopted but also to the experience of being human.



Swimming to the Horizon is a look at the bottom rungs of the community mental health system, where clinicians with little experience or training often work with patients holding together lives burdened by drug addiction, severe psychosis, poverty, and generations of trauma.

Zak Mucha took over an assertive community treatment team created to provide twenty-four seven clinical services for a client population we typically only see on thelocal news when police interventions turn into tragedies. In Swimming to the Horizon, we learn that therapy is provided not merely in fifty-minute sessions but in those moments spent attending to life in flophouse hotels, emergency rooms, grocery stores, alleyways, and courtrooms.



Without top-notch supervision, a business can become hobbled by confusion, halfhearted enthusiasm, and second-rate results. Effective frontline managers are the vital link between ideas and results, between what’s planned and what’s produced. They inspire the best attitudes and efforts from others.

In Frontline Management Excellence: Practical Methods That Produce RemarkableResults, Charles Watson wastes no time getting to the key elements of effective, frontline management. Avoiding abstract theories, he recounts incidents from the work lives of successful supervisors and managers, showing how they thought and what they did-and the results that followed. This short, highly readable resource opens a window to the mindsets and methods of highly effective managers.



In A Love to Die For, Ron and Grace Butler share the kind of love and marriage that inspires poets and songwriters. But when Grace returns to an empty house one morning, a period of panic and confusion leads to a terrible discovery: Ron is dead. This sudden vacuum in her life destroys her completely, as well as their children. There was no chance to say goodbye-for any of them.

How can she pull herself together enough to get through the eulogy for the love of her life, much less the days, weeks, and years that follow? How can she try to move on and still honor the legendary love they shared?

As friends and family take care of Grace, she gradually works her way through the feelings of loss and emptiness. Will she emerge on the other side of her grief and help others learn to do the same?





Over eight billion different humans occupy this watery blue rock we call earth. Each of us is desperately trying to find purpose, make sense of life’s inequities, build healthy relationships, and find success and financial security, all while navigating thetumultuous terrain of our own emotions and the emotions of others. We often become overwhelmed by the complexity of living, guiding our minds to a perspective rooted in negativity.

How do we find the balance we need to live with joy? By taking an introspective approach and gaining control of our most powerful attribute: the human mind. TheSelf-Centered Perspective will help you achieve a higher quality of life by arming you with the understanding, confidence, positivity, and fulfillment you may not have thought possible in your life.






What happens when career ambition begins to clash with cherished religious values? In this illuminating memoir, award-winning author Judy Gruen shares how she resolved these seemingly conflicting drives.

From an overconfident young journalist earning her chops with a small publisher, a major university, and a Fortune 500 corporation, she learns to rise above rejection and rookie errors in pursuit of professional excellence and growth.

Later, as she navigates writing and motherhood, Gruen’s values increasingly steer her course. Understanding that words create worlds, she chooses to write about life through the lens of Jewish teachings-in pointed response to a society growing more hostile to traditional religion. After a crisis of professional confidence, she turns to a trusted mentor who helps her find the blessings in the bylines.

This engaging memoir is filled with humor and depth. Reading it will feel like having a heart-to-heart talk with an old friend.





To his divided countrymen and a tumultuous world, Thomas Paine offered Common Sense to great effect. For our contemporary discord, however, we need PracticalAdvice. Here we find more than a dozen groundbreaking yet realistic proposals forcreating an efficient, versatile, and wholesome society we can all rally around.

Practical Advice for a Better World is not about politics, government, or partisan attitudes; it is a bid to consider new ideas arising from timeless principles. Each chapter considers a facet of societal infrastructure, reviews its purpose, analyzes its current design, and recommends an agreeable refactorization unlike any rote offering. Every solution is derived with purposeful intention to reach each reader—regardless of age, race, gender, education, origin, walk of life, or preconceptions—and encourage that person to dream that a better world is tangible.



The risk in leading a business is the same as in piloting an airplane: namely, crashing and burning. But what if you had an operating system to keep your business airborne until you wanted to land it? How much time would that OS save you? How much money?

Written by the creator of the Profitable Growth Operating System®, The 80/20 CEO: Take Command of Your Business in 100 Days is a detailed playbook for aspiring or accomplished senior-level executives who want to lead their organizations in profitable strategic growth and do so on demand, on track, on pace, and without surprises.




The much-anticipated sequel to the 2023 Nautilus Book Award Gold Winner, Young Adult Fiction Sci-Fi, A Stellar Purpose.

Six months after her initial adventure, Avery wins a weeklong trip to the first ever five-star, self-sustainable, ecotourism resort, located on a secluded Pacific island. She’s among a group of twenty young adults recognized for their outstanding commitment to helping the planet survive and thrive.

Follow Avery as she relishes in the hotel’s amenities with her new friends, continues to explore different facets of a mysterious parallel dimension, and attempts to put an end to another predicament she’s inadvertently stumbled upon—before it’s too late.