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An Interview with Rebecca Dwight Bruff

An Interview with Rebecca Dwight Bruff

  Rebecca Bruff heard the story of Robert Smalls on her first visit to South Carolina. She was so captivated that she left her job and moved across the country to research and write this novel. Bruff earned her bachelor's degree in education at Texas A&M and a...

Historian Calls for Return to Jeffersonian Principles with New Book

Historian Calls for Return to Jeffersonian Principles with New Book

For immediate release Contact: Beth Kaylor, bethschatzkaylor@gmail.com Historian Calls for Return to Jeffersonian Principles with New Book CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Jan. 27, 2020 – From the steps of Thomas Jefferson’s home of Monticello, historian Clay Jenkinson called for...

If I Were the Boss of You:

A Southern Woman’s Guide to the Sweet Life

By Melinda Rainey Thompson

You don’t want to miss this jewel of a book!”

Cassandra King Conroybestselling author of
The Sunday Wife, The Same Sweet Girls, and Tell Me a Story



Brainless Health

Simple Health Habits for Smart People

By John William Patton

John Patton cuts through the marketing and medical jargon of health to deliver a frank and fun conversation about rock-solid health habits that can become as brainless as brushing your teeth. Buckle up. You are about to get healthy, without even thinking!

Rinn’s Crossing

A Novel

By Russell Heath

They had been friends who fought side by side for better things. Now both were running from crimes neither could have imagined of themselves . . .



Featured Author

Rebecca Dwight Bruff

Author of Trouble the Water


Q. What inspired you to write this story?


A. Seven years ago, my husband and I visited a little coastal town in South Carolina. We took a a carriage ride and heard snippets of a story about a man named Robert Smalls: he was born enslaved in 1839, liberated himself and others when he commandeered a Confederate gun boat in the Charleston Harbor, and eventually became, among other things, a US congressman. He was a hero we’d never heard about. We went back to Dallas, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and finally my curiosity just took over.


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