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New Releases—The December Round-Up

New Releases—The December Round-Up

The Black Cloud Blues by Christine A. Emery and Kellie R. Emery   Are you sad and feeling blue? Do you have a black cloud following you? I know I do! I don’t like this cloud one bit. Come along with me as I try to get rid of it. Ironically, The Black Cloud Blues is a...

City of Peace

By Henry G. Brinton

“The story of Harley is not just the story of one man, but also a story that many can relate to, one going from frustration and sadness into redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation. A must read.”

—Shahid Rahman, Executive Director, American Muslim Institution.”


American Masterworks of Religious Painting: 1664–1964

By R. Peter Mooz

Writers and historians have overlooked or denied the existence of a religious painting tradition in America . . . until now. American Masterworks of Religious Painting 1664-1964 explores 300 years of American painting and offers new revelations.

Hiya Moriah

by Victoria Nelson

A beautifully illustrated, rhythmic story about a young girl’s life with special needs. Through her brave attitude, and silly humor, Moriah is an inspiration for us all. This is a book that families can enjoy together with a timeless message about love and acceptance, and just saying “hiya” when making a new friend with different abilities.


Featured Author

Betsy Ashton

Author of the Mad Max Mystery series

Q: Starting with the most obvious question: what inspired the creation of Mad Max?


A: She did. Seriously. She was a minor character until 3 a.m. one day. She woke me up, yelling “It’s MY story. Tell it my way, dammit.” Well, yes ma’am.


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Pocket Guide to Publishing: 100 Things Authors Should Know

“A clever and candid look under the hood of today’s publishing vehicle.” —Shari Stauch, CEO and creator of Where Writers Win “I wish Pocket Guide had been available when I started out.” —Betsy Ashton, author of The Mad Max Mysteries, president of the Virginia Writers Club “A real no nonsense guide for authors that cuts to the chase about publishing.” —William Hazelgrove, bestselling author of The Pitcher and twelve other books Ooh, I need this!