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Books by Bruce T. Jones

  • Lord of the Bayou

    Drugs, romance, dirty cops, and the Big Easy-the perfect recipe for a jambalaya of explosive action, seduction, and death. David LaRoux, New Orleans’ favorite philanthropic son, did not simply ruffle the feathers of the DEA; he plucked and skinned its director, Will Martin, who sets out on a vengeful mission and will stop at nothing to take LaRoux down. Each vying for the affection of undercover agent Rebecca Pearson, love awaits one and death the other in Lord of the Bayou.

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  • The Lost Reflection

    “‘What the hell?’, I uttered softly. The faint vision I witnessed rocked the  foundation of my beliefs to the core; the chills running up my spine were undeniable. Instantly, the gray area between fact and fiction blurred into one. I was waste deep in a river of shit.”

    Brian Denman, a retired CIA agent and lethal mercenary turned private investigator, unearths the scum and scandals among the politically powerful. When his friend Phillip Wilder, owner and editor of Urban Legends tabloid, recruits him to gather information for a blockbuster story, Brian cascades into a series of unexpected events. Sent to New Orleans, Brian probes into the centuries old myth of what the Vatican conceals on the third floor of the Ursuline Convent. As he delves deeper into the mystery, Brian is hurled into New Orleans’s dark and dangerous underworld, a labyrinth culminating in an epic battle of destiny and revenge.

    Published By The Twisted Pen

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  • Invierea

    Învierea: In Romanian, it is the resurrection—of the dead, of a curse, or of a legend. Brian Denman’s legacy continues with all hope vanquished and all reason to exist only a distant memory. Brian must complete the epic task he began in the Crescent City.

    With the world on the brink of an apocalypse of his making, and handicapped by a new affliction, Brian must adhere to a new way of life in an attempt to protect an unsuspecting population from encroaching evil.

    From its origins on the sweltering streets of New Orleans, to New York and the secret world of Romania, Denman’s journey leads him to confrontations with his CIA roots, and the legendary origins of his family curse and the inescapable destiny set down centuries before his birth.

    Bruce T. Jones’ first vampire thriller, The Lost Reflection, was set in New Orleans and featured Brian Denman as the protagonist man on a mission. The series continues now with Învierea, and Denman traveling from New York to Romania in an attempt to unravel the bonds of a generational curse.

    Published By The Twisted Pen

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  • The Darkest Season

    Thirty-nine years have passed, since perhaps the worlds smallest, and most obscure revolution. Played out below the ruins of Poenari, in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, the Tepes family not only battled for their freedom, but the survival of their race. That singular conflict shaped not only the destiny of a family, but also a nation, and the entire world.

    Estranged from their family, Nicholas Tepe’s sons, Alex and Ştefan, have turned away from their family, their beliefs, and even the bonds of brotherhood. In these times of isolation, the storms of the darkest season arise.

    Published By The Twisted Pen

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Bruce Jones grew up as a classic horror film fan. Fascinated by the legendary works by Lugosi, Karloff, and Chaney, it didn’t take long (only 45 years), for Jones to discover his knack for creating a modern classic. In his short career, Jones has been a feature author at Book Expo of America for the Horror Writers Association (2014 & 2015), and a faculty author for the Falkner Society’s literary conference, Words and Music (2015).

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