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Summer 1990. The Berlin Wall has fallen. In Europe, Communism has called for the priest to say the last rites. Outside in the streets and on the Plazas the energy is bubbling over from the blind euphoria and the intoxication of victory. Capitalism has come out of the systems war as the ultimate winner. Society is about to spiral upward toward more prosperity and freedom for all. The free market provides the lone left blueprint for a life of purpose.

But does it. . .? As the sun of plenty shines brighter the shadows grow darker. And while his professors teach post-modernist dogmas, Johan van Geesteren, a young aristocrat on the threshold of society is searching for meaning. Where have all the virtues gone? What has happened to dignity and restraint? Where are the good people? The speed and dominance with which ‘the New Religion’ is encroaching on the public space makes him feel threatened. Instinctively he withdraws. But can he reach out to his friends? Is there still space for Old World values?

When his friends embark on a dangerous roller coaster, Johan is forced into their stream of destruction, and he needs all the discipline from his upbringing to remain standing. Will he be able to hold on to his ideals? Is there any truth left out there? Or is the enlightenment project of the Occident, like a modern-day Rome, about to burn to ashes?


As a child, Eunice Boeve experienced the first sign of her extrasensory perception in a premonition of her father’s death. The night he passed, she sensed invisible people in the room and believed they had killed him. The experience eventually slipped into her subconscious memory as unresolved grief, manifesting through panic attacks and fainting spells. She was forty-eight when an out-of-body experience finally set her free.


Then, in 2018, the author’s loving husband of sixty-two years slipped from this life into the next. He immediately began contacting her in varied and amazing ways. This ThinVeil Between Us is a remarkable story abounding with evidence that love never dies and contains forty experiences others have shared with the author, all confirming that our loved ones, as well as God, Jesus, and angels, are so much closer to us than we realize.




In the fall of 1810, Eamon McGrath wakes up in the hold of a ship far out at sea. Stolen from his New England life and family, he has been shanghaied to work aboard a merchant vessel, replacing crew lost to the British Navy. As Eamon circles the globe, he survives a terrible beating, storms, and shipwreck.

Eamon’s bitterness nearly consumes him, until he finds the beauty of this planet undeniable and essential and joins the brotherhood of the sea. Profoundly changed by a journey filled with perseverance, discovery, and love, what will he find if he makes it home again?



In late 1969, Chuck rushes home from college when his father falls ill and passes away. Bitterness over his loss is compounded by the frustration of being unable to afford a return to school. Rashly enlisting in the Army, Chuck decides to train as a scout dog handler, and in Vietnam, Chuck’s deep resentment is erased by time spent with his devoted dog, Zeke, and happy-go-lucky roommate, Jonesy.


As he faces life-and-death situations almost daily, Chuck finds healing in this unexpected friendship. When Chuck hears that upon the US withdrawal all US scout dogs will be euthanized or given to the South Vietnamese Army, he has only days to protect Zeke’s future. And he knows he can’t do it alone.



A gripping exploration of real-life heroines’ sacrificesThe Sacrifices of Superwomen: Natural Remedies to Restore Balance uncovers the negative health implications of thesuperwoman persona, particularly among women of color. Using the Sojourner syndrome as a symbolic thread, Dr. Sullivan navigates the complex history of these resilient women, illuminating the intertwined challenges of societal discrimination, single parenting, and daily stressors that lead to diminished self-worth and unhealthy habits.


This book highlights the transformational power of consistent, small changes in lifestyle, incorporating homeopathic/naturopathic medicine, nutrition, as well as meditation, exercise, and other self-care practices. Embark on an empowering journey towards creating a healthier, balanced life with this thought-provoking guide, and find solace in knowing that wellness is attainable.



In 1818, Cillian Valour, an Irish rebel’s son with limited prospects, is determined to marry his longtime love, Martha Ashworth, daughter of a local landlord. When her father forbids their engagement, Cillian turns to the heavens for help in an act ofdesperation-but it is a mysterious stranger that answers his call. After accepting an offer too good to refuse, Cillian and Martha are forever changed. Together, the star-crossed lovers turn away from the light and cut a swath of horror and misery across the land-until one night in Rome, the unthinkable happens.

Emily Corvo’s life in modern-day Boston is upended by the murder of her mother and the disappearance of her father. Learning that her mother was callously slaughtered by something not of this world, Emily vows to rescue her father and avenge her mother by hunting down those responsible. But she may find that only by trusting theenemy can she quench her thirst for vengeance.