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The One Just South of Paradise is the O’Neil family’s nickname for their rustic fly-fishing lodge on a remote cay on the edge of the Out Island Bahamas. Here and on the majestic saltwater flats to the north is where South Florida surgeon Jack O’Neil finds solace and peace, and forges a bond with his daughter Catherine in their shared pursuit of the elusive ghost of the flats, the bonefish. It is also the story of Bahamian guide Sebastian and his wife, Veronica, and the people of North Andros Island. Their wisdom and grace weave through the lives of the two families, leading Catherine and her father to a deeper understanding of this place and the arc of their lives in and through it. Spanning South Florida and the Bahamas, Catherine narrates a three-decade journey through triumph and tragedy for these families, all in pursuit of one true moment in life, art, and fly-fishing.



The plan is all mapped out. Shorty and Libby, his true love, will journey to the gold fields and strike it rich together. But a handsome stranger in a tweed suit shakes the original plan to the core when he persuades Libby to stay in Skagway rather than proceed north to the Klondike with Shorty. Libby soon discovers that her new love is a master criminal by the name of Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith. Convinced that Soapy has never killed anyone, Libby’s love holds until a shattering discovery is made.

Despite their initial difficulties, Shorty and Libby marry and begin to climb the social ladder in San Francisco, soon moving into a luxurious residence on Nob Hill-just in time to experience the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire, which destroys the city and their home.

Next comes the adventures of Libby’s son, Seth Shaw. Convinced that his thieving biological father, Soapy Smith, passed on to him a condition known as the Black Dog, Seth descends into a life of debauchery and murder-until a single incident turns his life around. Is it the Holy Spirit or a guardian angel that leads him to shed his old skin? And will it be enough to end the curse that followed his family out of the Klondike?



One minute Jim Zervanos was carrying his one-year-old boy to a baseball game; the next, he was in the ER, where for days he lay in limbo, being strangled from the inside. Teams of the best doctors were stumped by his worsening condition, before telling him there was nothing they could do.


That Time I Got Cancer: A Love Story is about experiencing joy even in desperate times. It’s about the relationships that anchor us, even as they must be entirely redefined. At forty-one, married, with a young son, Jim said goodbye to his family. When a brilliant new surgeon performed a radical operation, Jim was diagnosed with lymphoma, which led to chemotherapy and an uncertain road to recovery. Five years would pass before Jim began to understand what he had endured. Through mortality and back to life, this is the inspiring journey of a man awakened to the full experience of being alive, and being present for it all.



A mysterious supercomputer connected to Stephen’s wheelchair somehow sends both him and his erstwhile new friend Alex into a virtual reality where fairy tales are made real and their challenges even more so. Can this fantasy world save Stephen’s real life or help with the search for Alex’s lost mother?

The Dark Attic mixes the magic and philosophy of Tai Ji Quan (also known as Tai Chi) with a healthy dose of sci-fi realism, ultimately revealing the importance of belonging, friendship, and family.



Despite investing billions of dollars, the world’s institutions are making scant progress toward the promise of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The central cause: top leaders lack the means to construct and implement comprehensive diversity strategies that are responsive to the unique circumstances of the organizations they helm.


Leading Diversity for Competitive Advantage: The Twelve Strategic Competencies provides the evidence-based strategic models, methods, tools, and templates that top leaders require to create equity and inclusion and drive sustainable diversity competitive advantage in talent and customer markets. Peter Linkow, who has devoted his career to the study and practice of diversity and business strategy, delivers the full range of competencies that top leaders need to guide their organizations to strategic diversity success.



Don’t miss this explosive sequel to Brooks Yeager’s prize-winning Chilly Winds.

Taz Blackwell isn’t looking for trouble – it lands right on his doorstep, in the form of a beguiling wildlife scientist whose saucy façade hides a dangerous secret. Then an old friend from his diplomatic days recruits Taz to help fight the threat of wildfires in the Brazilian Amazon. The mysteries he encounters in the forest will test him in ways beyond his wildest imaginings and change his life forever. And the enemy he makes will return to haunt him and try the strength of a new but rocky romance.