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Is America’s historic polarization ultimately a spiritual crisis? Is the solution America’s Next Great Awakening?

If America is to realize its sacred purpose-unity in diversity-an inner awakening that spans belief systems and religions (including atheism), transcends ideologies, and honors scientific realities must emerge.

America’s Next Great Awakening tells fascinating stories from within the American soul-stories from our past, our myths, and our optimal futures, charting our way to resolving our current crises, preserving the American republic, and evolving into something more, towards a “more perfect union.”

History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Can America, once again, fulfill its mission as the global leader in conscious awareness, enlightenment, invention, and moral leadership?






Has society turned its back on God? Are we drifting further away from the truth?

In The Second Coming, private investigator Shawn Abernathy struggles with his beliefs in God, good, and evil, and with revelations he cannot escape. After facing a surprise visitor from heaven, his life changes dramatically. Soon he finds himself hiding from the Antichrist as he comes to terms with his ultimate purpose: aiding in the salvation of all humanity.

Derived from the book of Revelation, The Second Coming follows the travails of individuals across the globe as they face what lies within their own hearts and souls at the end of the world.

We all have only two choices before life after death. What side will you choose?






Whether as an individual, business, or organization, we are all somewhere along a developmental continuum relating to issues around race. In The Journey of an OldWhite Dude in the Age of Black Lives Matter: A Primer, John Gerdy educates and challenges us to move a bit further along that continuum.

While POC should occupy the majority of space to articulate these issues, there is only so much Black people can tell White people about them. To that end, Gerdy writes specifically as one old White dude directly to other White folks, with a profound sense of respect and humility.

If you are considering embarking on a similar journey of understanding and action, Gerdy provides a story and path that will resonate. This is a book of real-life experiences, research conducted, lessons learned, issues analyzed, and resources provided, ending with an inspirational call to action.






Dez, Arabella, and Walter are seemingly ordinary teenagers from different worlds. Dez is a dejected coder living in Euporia under the oppressive conglomerate E-Corp. Arabella skates through life in an Aurelian aristocratic family. And Walter treads a typical path in the technology-obsessed society of Immerxia.

In a day’s time, their lives are turned upside down when they meet Author, thewriter of the universe, and discover they have gifts to heal the past, alter thepresent, and foresee the future. Author implores the three teens to restore their broken worlds. Complicating the kids’ decision are supernatural forces working to end humanity and free a dark army from their prison known as Animus.

Can Dez, Arabella, and Walter save their worlds? Jump into The Intrepid Three:Animus Revealed to find out.





Daniel Furman, Sarah, and Victor return in The Maine Consecration, the second book in the Turtle on a Fence Post series.

When Daniel Furman loses his father and the love of his life, Mishael, disappears, he leaves a promising professional tennis career behind to work for his father’s friend Victor. Eventually he finds comfort in a new romance and settles into a relatively tranquil life.

But then he learns the fate of his beloved Mishael. Tumbling into a world of terrorism, he ends up at the center of a centuries-old religious conflict where God becomes synonymous with earthly power and wealth, and revenge the only strategy. To escape the chaos, he reluctantly joins Victor on a trip to Maine. What will happen when he discovers the whole truth about Mishael and his father-and Victor himself?






Nineteen years old with an eleven-day-old baby, Lynn Haraldson’s world shatters when her husband, Bruce, is killed in a tractor-train collision.

She clings to the myth that time will heal her pain, but unacknowledged trauma informs many of her decisions, including an unplanned pregnancy and remaining in an abusive relationship. After two failed marriages and gaining and losing more than a hundred pounds twice, a health scare forces her to confront her grief.

Those in mourning often seek assurance that how they respond to grief also rings true for others. An Obesity of Grief challenges the false narrative that grief has a timeline and explores common reactions, offering hope that grief and love can live side by side.





Neither a cautionary tale nor a polemic, Men as Friends is about a variety of male friendships and a variety of men. A “coming-of-old-age story,” it speaks to an audience of men who love or have loved other men but are too embarrassed to say so, opening the reader to the deep sadness of loss as well as the joy of its acknowledgment.






Tommy Spenser, a decorated combat veteran and narcotics cop born into a family of cops, is a functioning addict, hooked on daily cocktails of Oxycontin, whiskey, and self-loathing-and his cancer is back. But everything changes when Tommy is summoned to a domestic call down the street from a drug bust. Claire Samuels-Hewitt is a shell of her former self, but Tommy sees something in her-or perhaps it’s the other way around. The two lean on each other for support, and an unlikely romance blossoms.

Then a hit against the Washington family drug syndicate turns his world upside down: all clues point to somebody in Tommy’s family. As Tommy puts the pieces together and learns the truth about those closest to him, he must also come face-to-face with Claire’s past and his own demons.

At its core, Redemption is a story about survivor’s guilt, PTSD, abuse, alcoholism, and recovery-but it is also about brotherhood, the inseparable bonds between soldiers, cops, and families, and the healing power of forgiveness.