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Jean served successfully for eighteen years in various government agencies-until her stellar career came to a screeching halt. Naked Truth is the riveting true story of one woman’s experiences with discrimination, racism, and unlawful retaliation from the government entity meant to watch over and protect the people. After seven years of suffering under widespread corruption, lies, and mismanagement, Jean uses this deeply painful and personal experience to help motivate, empower, and inspire others who seek justice, are committed to ending systemic racism, and are determined to speak truth to power.




For thirty-three years, the football rivalry between the US Military Academy and Notre Dame provided countless thrills to fans across the country. Yet both schools decided to end the series at the peak of its popularity, after the 1946 game that many consider to be the “Game of the Century.”

Black Knights and Fighting Irish traces the history of one of the most storied rivalries in college football. However, it’s also a story of a nation emerging from years of carnage and sacrifice, learning again to enjoy the simple pleasures of sports and other leisure activities.

In 1948, Notre Dame coach Frank Leahy described the rivalry: “They were . . . rivals on the football field, who died as comrades-in-arms on the field of battle.” Seventy-five years later, Black Knights and Fighting Irish renews the tribute to these young men, their rivalry, and the institutions they represented.




For nine months in Auschwitz, eighteen-year-old Eva Fleiss clung to sanity by playing piano on imaginary keyboards. After liberation, Eva and the five remaining Jews of Laszlo, Hungary, journey home, seeking to restart their lives. Yet the town that deported them is not ready to embrace their return. Their former neighbors and friends resist relinquishing their newfound status and property, and they struggle with their roles as perpetrators, enablers, and bystanders during the Holocaust.

Longing for connection to her old life, Eva agrees to clean her former home, now the mayor’s home, in return for practice time on her piano. As her profound experiences allow her to access music at a depth she didn’t know existed, Eva’s performances begin to affect those around her-with unexpected consequences.




Learn how to activate your superpowers!  

The world is shifting from a materialistic one to an energetic new earth. Now is the time to switch on your superpowers and follow your soul mission! In Superpowers, join Noelle Hipke on a journey of self-discovery and soul healing as she explains the invisible details and teaches you how to control your frequency, tap into unseen abilities and your higher self, and discover your unique blueprint using new concepts and cutting-edge, nontraditional methods.

Noelle highlights previously ignored aspects of human evolution while identifying luminary visionaries who are working together as a conscious collective to awaken and heal humanity. Journal prompts at the end of each chapter will guide you in creating your very own adventure book about yourself. Pick up your book today to activate your superpowers to reach ascension into another dimension!




James Cooley unpacks his thoughts on the challenges that many Black men face due to their ancestors being taken away from their homeland over 400 years ago and forced into slavery and colonization.

Based on history, his experiences, and trying to adjust to being treated like a second-class citizen because of the color of his skin, Cooley highlights how that affects his vision, understanding, and focus in life. This impacts many areas of a Black man’s life, including self-worth and the ability to love, trust, and forgive.

He also discusses the stereotypes that many Black men face today based on the labels society has given them and how many Black men move forward despite this. Most importantly, he conveys that all men, regardless of race, creed, or color, are capable of love, respect, and dignity.

With ten contributing authors, Black men discuss their perspectives, how they feel and adjust to the past and present norms, and how they have overcome adversities and continue to do so.




A week before Christmas 1951, Dr. Ralph Russell risked everything to voluntarily enter a locked federal drug-treatment facility known as a “narcotic farm.”

Sixty-five years later, Dr. Russell’s granddaughter Debbie suffers a debilitating crisis of identity when her father (Dr. Russell’s oldest son), always her biggest fan, is accepted into hospice.

Debbie’s investigation into her paternal lineage reveals family secrets and ignites her mother’s volatile outbursts, propelling her into therapy.

When therapy fails her, the grandfather Debbie never knew saves her, and she collaborates with her dying father one last time to make her biggest dream come true.

Crossing Fifty-One pulls back the curtain on the internal struggles of midlife and provides a blueprint for redefining one’s self beyond the constraints of addiction and dysfunctional family dynamics.




What do Niccolo Machiavelli, Abraham Lincoln, Martha Stewart, Vladimir Putin, and Mel Gibson have in common? In their own ways, they each resemble the stormy God of the Hebrew Bible, Yahweh-known as the Father in the New Testament and Allah in the Qur’an. Whether or not we believe in his existence, we are all susceptible to the Yahweh complex, a distinct god complex modeled upon his attitudes, emotional style, and behaviors.

Like the deity itself, the complex can be positive or dark, influencing our relationships, our social environment and culture, our public affairs and international relations, our treatment of the earth, and, of course, our religions. Legacy of Darkness and Light explores both sides of this complex. Drawing upon the experiences of famous individuals as well as the larger factors that shape history, Legacy aims to help us recognize and understand our own Yahweh complex in order to deal with it in a healthy, conscious, and self-empowered way.




Great leaders are needed now more than ever. The trouble is that most leaders are not taught how to inspire their teams. Want to learn how to get the people you manage passionate about what they do each day?

In French Fry Leadership: How to Attain Profits Through Serving People, Bruno calls on his thirty-plus years of experience in the quick-service restaurant world to show the value of profiting in ways besides money. He describes easily understandable methods to keep team members excited, committed, and motivated to perform any and all tasks by exploring what true “servant” leadership is all about-while applying these principles to their teams, their guests, and their vendor partners.

French Fry Leadership demonstrates the value of the premise that when leaders take care of their people properly, the numbers take care of themselves.




When General Winston invites a beautiful woman to his hotel room in Tysons, Virginia, he expects a romantic sexcapade. But Dana Hussein al-Sadi turns the tables, assassinates the general, and steals his briefcase, which contains a blueprint for terrorism. Dana’s elite terrorist cell is soon off to Europe to acquire nuclear weapons from the Russian Mafia.

Though Alex Werth initially suspects Jolene Martin, author of the blueprint report, of the murder, he realizes her expertise will be crucial in the hunt for Winston’s killer and stopping the impending disaster. Everything comes to a head in rural Virginia, where the fate of the world will be decided.




Peter has possessed unique abilities for as long as he can remember-abilities that propel him into a career as a renowned psychic. But hearing voices from the afterlife is a new experience for him. When he hears a voice belonging to a woman named Sharon, Peter seeks out Sharon’s family, including her daughter, Katie.

Peter finds satisfaction in bringing peace and closure to the family. However, as the messages become more urgent and take on an ominous tone, Peter realizes Sharon is doing more than comforting her loved ones. She’s warning them! Peter and Sharon’s family soon find themselves in a race against time to save Katie from the same fate that befell her mother twelve years earlier. Can they save her in time?




Paige Decker has a fantastic career unraveling the mysteries of her patients’ DNA-until a man named Carl Parker, who claims he has been falsely convicted of murder, asks her coworker Leo Cunningham to help investigate.

Delving into the savage killings and burials of three women in a nearby state park, Leo requests new DNA analysis. When the results come back, they reveal startling discoveries that ultimately lead to his murder. Against the advice of her new boss, Paige teams up with Leo’s son, Brandon, to find the killer.

Soon, Paige and Brandon uncover several suspects as they discover old secrets the Parker family wants to remain hidden and new ones implicating the lover of Paige’s best friend. Can they unravel the clues in time?