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“Global inclusive leadership . . . require[s] focusing on being the best ‘for’ the world rather than being the best ‘in’ the world.

Let’s face it: today’s leaders require new approaches to managing societies and organizations. In the last three years, we’ve grappled with a global pandemic, a race and social justice movement, a politically polarized US election, a brazen attack on the US Capitol, and the Russian-Ukraine war, leading to a global economic crisis. Solving today’s problems requires leaders to develop other leaders by cultivating social characteristics and behaviors that effectively influence others who might not look, think, and act like them.

Leadership for Such a Time as This explores how the three components of intersectional identities, moral capabilities, and intercultural competencies allow leaders to excel in this ever-more-connected world. Here, Dr. Mukendi offers a practical framework that leaders in all global sectors can leverage to promote inclusive behavior in their organizations and beyond.



Asher Grey is Victorian London’s only consulting exorcist. Beneath the surface of thephysical world is the realm of the mystical and unnatural-the things that go bump in the night. Sorting these things out is Asher’s calling. If only he could manage to get a paying client or two.

When Asher is called to perform an exorcism on an asylum patient, he quickly realizes this is not a typical case; the thing possessing the patient threatens the imminent arrival of a dark entity. Suddenly, Asher’s childhood friend appears and interjects herself into the case, putting her at risk.

All Asher wants is to stop the arrival of the fiend and to keep his friend from harm-but doing both may not be possible.



Gallup surveys show that two out of three employees are disengaged to some degree-loudly proclaiming that culture is an essential component to business success.

In this novel, newly appointed medical company president Jason Bailey inherits a disconnected enterprise that’s struggling from a lack of leadership, alignment, and direction. All business metrics point down, placing the company’s future at a tipping point.

With a product breakthrough in the wings, Jason and a revamped senior leadership group must establish the foundational culture and systems if they are to successfully develop and sustain the new offering and turn this struggling company around. Will it be in time? Will it be enough?

From forming through storming to norming and performing, follow Jason and his team as they balance business and people-centric principles in this comprehensive blueprint for success.



Social scientist and international consultant Dr. David Ryback offers an in-depth overview of the fascinating dynamics of the four global crises that continue to affect all of us on the planet, focusing on the following:

  • Nuclear threat in this challenging political era, and how to choose an alternative to planetary destruction by exploring a radical form of international negotiation proven in the Camp David Peace Accords.
  • Unjust Killings and, for those who want to have an impact, how to create communities of support, develop avenues of expression for the frustration and anger that arises from the experience, and encourage storytelling with skilled trainers to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Pandemics with their variants and, when quarantine is necessary, how to do so with less frustration and more fulfilling activities, including how to create more supportive and fun activities if you’re not alone.
  • Climate change and how to take control through political influence, community support, and individual lifestyle changes.



From 1980 to 2015, China’s one-child-per-family edict created upheaval and tragedy. Today, tens of thousands of people in their twenties, thirties, and forties live in China without identities, their existence denied because they are “illegal” as the forbidden additional children hidden by their parents. But legal or illegal, biological or adopted, these generations are the future of China: its workforce, leadership, and interface with the rest of the world.

In Children of the Edict, Heo Wong uncovers family secrets that cause his life and thelives of those around him to unravel. Government mandates that never affected him suddenly become personal and life-changing. Walk with the Wong family through medical epidemics, persecution, incarcerations, a timely act of nature, and a world sporting event. Feel the guilt and rejection of a time gone by, and then acceptance and forgiveness . . . and love. Share their longing for personal freedom and theanticipation of a changing China.




In 1, 2, 3 with Mrs. C, Kathleen Covens offers alternative ways to impact today’s children. Sharing her struggles as a young teacher and the mother of a handicapped child, she provides insight and techniques to inspire those interacting with children. From putting magic in daily activities and learning ways to savor moments to the importance of setting goals, failure, and self-esteem, Kathleen shows how you can make a difference. Allow this delightful book to empower you, and you too can become a “momenteur.”



In P413: The CanDo Code for Success and Life, Dr. K. Todd Holt uses his twenty-two years of pastoral experience along with years of Bible study and personal development to formulate a plan for reaching your God-given potential through Christ. A practical guide for discipleship, P413 equips you to understand the life wheel, discover the will of God, grow in the strength of Christ, and much more.

P413 uses each word of Philippians 4:13 to help you move forward in life. You’ll learn the essential components of taking responsibility, believing you can achieve your God-given dreams, formulating goals and taking action, and persevering until you have achieved your goals. Use the principles of P413 to enact profound personal change.



My father, the most influential person in my life, passed away on March 20, 2008. As an intimate gift to his children, he wrote and illustrated his life story.

In the end, it took him eight years to complete his autobiography, and I was so impressed with his storytelling and artistic talent that I reached out to a journalist who had an interest in regional history. Following an interview with my father, the local newspaper ran a two-page article chronicling his life growing up in West Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, and his time serving as a Marine in World War II. The journalist applauded his work as an enormous achievement and an important part of history. He encouraged me to publish his story and share it with the public, which is something I had wanted to do for a long time. However, my dad was not interested and said it was merely a token of love for his children to remember him by.

This is an American tale about a working-class man who lived an honest life, believed strongly in God, and fought for his country. He represents thousands of other hardworking Americans with untold stories of integrity and honor. It’s also a compelling story of survival that begins in a gritty Pennsylvania steel town during the Great Depression and then transports the reader into the steaming jungles of Guadalcanal, where a young Marine faces death in one of the most pivotal and bloodiest battles of World War II.

Steel Soldier serves as a testament to the special man my dad was. It’s not a gripping mystery that concludes with a thrilling climax. Rather, it is a series of vignettes with some entertaining moments of a bygone era, which have been compiled by a very talented storyteller.

To look at him, you’d never guess this mild-mannered, unassuming, and kind man had once been a fierce warrior. As long as I live, I will always admire and honor my father and all the men and women who have fought for this country. He was loved by everyone who knew him, and to me he is a true American hero.

Semper Fi, Dad