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Saturday is a take on the classic movie Mean Girls but has the unique twists and turns of a suspense novel.

Each page introduces you deeper to the main characters and the understanding of their personalities and challenges. Saturday covers a wide range of topics that teenagers face: dysfunctional families, bullies, and everyday issues that test their faith and strength.

Saturday takes the reader on a journey with seventeen-year-old Jessica, whose normal life is about to be turned upside down when her mother takes her away from her abusive father in California and leaves for a writing job in NYC. Jessica is faced with the dilemma of having to leave her friends, school, and the life she has been accustomed to.

Jessica is challenged by Macy, the antagonist, who takes Jessica down a dangerous road of jealousy, turmoil, and edge-of-your-seat drama. Jessica will have to rely on her inner strength, faith, and old friends to guide her through. Will she become the heroine, or just be another victim of Macy’s vengeance on anyone who challenges her?



Having snagged a job for a high-end swamp tour company, Jack Cane Landry-Louisiana homeboy and self-professed swamp rat-wants to ditch school and guide fulltime. Poised, attractive, and well-traveled, Olivia FitzGerald loves her private New York City prep school and is Harvard bound. When Olivia and her philanthropist father jet in for a tour Jack will help guide, these wildly different teens are flung together in dire circumstances. The plane carrying the party to their remote campsite crashes, and Jack and Olivia are the only apparent survivors. Jack soon learns his swamp savvy may not be enough to assure their rescue, but can this rich city girl rise to a challenge where the stakes are life and death? As the teens face down lethal reptiles, a prowling swamp cat, a gun-toting ne’er-do-well, and weather intent on killing them, Swamped! wraps nonstop adventure into an unlikely love story.



Lobster Wars is a tight, fast-paced social satire about what happens when reality TV comes to a small fishing village in Maine. The locals think they’re going to get famous and rich. But it’s never that easy. Especially when Connor Nichols, a telegenic outsider, a guy from “away,” gets a lobster fishing license and horns in on their good fortune. The TV show airs to great ratings, only increasing the pressure, prompting a few unsavory characters to do anything they can to get in on the action. With filming about to begin, everything now hinges on season two. But it’s reality TV-what could go wrong?



Will cyber warfare play a bigger role in future combat? Will kinetic weapons be sufficient to win a war? Is it possible to successfully coordinate attacks in every domain: air, land, sea, space, and cyber? And will artificial intelligence be required to make important decisions in battle?

These questions and many more come into play as Colonel Walker’s special signal intercept team from Overhead Assets returns in Cyber Games to collect command, control, and computer data at Subi Reef, one of the Chinese Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. Their success is critical to keeping open the shipping lanes for the Pacific nations and the US-and they must do so without starting World War III.


Familiarity leads to contempt, or boredom. Depending on the spirit with which we approach the Gospel, it either changes lives or is a waste of time. How do we uncover and recover the transforming challenges the Jesus of the Gospel puts before us?

By asking tough questions, as Jesus did, and by digging deeper into the only texts we have to tell us who he was. Often, something crucial gets lost in translation. Did Jesus really threaten us with a hell of eternal damnation? Is he God or man? If he knew on the cross that he would soon be raised to eternal life, would we be impressed with his sacrifice? In The Faith of Jesus, careful reading of the biblical record reveals surprising answers to these and other questions, and we delve into the notion that perhaps Jesus, like many of us, was guided by faith, hope, and a prayer.