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Secret Warrior is a compelling memoir following Joanne McCallie’s mental health journey through the realities and challenges within the sports world. Using the recurring theme of “faith over fear” to reduce the stigma associated with impaired mental health and encourage those suffering from mental health issues to reach out-to coaches, student-athletes, and to all people across the world-Joanne offers real direction, experiences, and personal stories to teach and reassure those adversely affected by the dynamics of the mind and body experience. Motivational and heartfelt, Secret Warrior drives home the need for more education, stories, action, and an overall change to the narrative about brain health.




Religious liberty is under attack in the United States. Faced with legal challenges for the mere action of preaching from the Bible, Pastor Preston and his supporters confront a terrifying truth: the US Constitution is no defense against a biased district attorney obsessed with sending him to prison.

A Pastor’s Pit exposes the threat to the religious liberty that people of all faiths take for granted in the United States, as well as the crucial role that US Supreme Court appointments and presidential elections play in maintaining the rights of all citizens. How can a pastor be indicted and tried for the “crime” of preaching from the Bible? Will the courts send him to prison or uphold his constitutional freedoms? Pastor Preston’s future and that of his family and his church hang in the balance!



Ed Tracy was the perfect candidate for cancer. Intensely motivated and a tireless innovator, the non-stop pace led to high anxiety, erratic sleep patterns and a life-altering medical diagnosis unlike that of anybody else. Rule No.1: Nobody’s cancer journey is the same.

Growing impatient and irritable, he began to imagine an oncology ward on a Broadway stage with costumes and music and patients and hope. When he needed to check out of chemotherapy, he checked into imaginary rehearsals of a musical comedy.

Along the way, he realized the treatments made his memories sharp. He began to periodically track his cancer journey and encouraged friends to get cancer screenings. Soon he was delving into his past-growing up in farm country, acting in college theatre and remembrances of inspirational friends and mentors. Each scene found its place in an act of the musical, and the result is “Gorilla in the Room and Other Stories.”

These wide-ranging, homespun stories, mixed with family drama and the humor of a skilled storyteller, will appeal to lovers of nature, theater fans, and military enthusiasts and honors the courageous patients, family members and service providers facing life-threatening challenges, aging and a future where they are themselves becoming mentors for the next generation.



We understand the importance of great leadership, but what about its counterpart—great followership? Lead & Follow reveals the overlooked strength and subtlety of the follower’s role through the striking metaphor of tango, a dance of one leader and one follower.

Learning to follow well can give employees a deep sense of purpose, bring out the best in managers and supervisors, and accelerate creative innovation. When paired with familiar aspects of leadership, skillful followership can help teams synchronize quickly and produce superior results.

In her three-part coaching model, dancer Sharna Fabiano demonstrates how to bring the powerful and complementary leader/follower principles of tango into the workplace. An abundance of practical strategies and self-inquiry exercises will help professionals, educators, and teams collaborate more successfully.



Not for God and Country is a true and definitive war story written by a decorated Marine who survived some of the harshest combat of the long, cruel Vietnam War. Learn why young Americans were sent to fight and die in a distant land because of decisions made before most of them were born. Experience the daily physical and emotional battles faced as an unlikely mix of young Marines are turned into battle-hardened brothers and heroes in the unforgiving reality of nontraditional insurgent warfare.

The only friend these soldiers had was the nineteen-year-old next to them in the monsoon-soaked jungle 10,000 miles away from a forgotten home. They hated the war, and yet it became the focal point of their lives, forever changing them for better or worse. Back on American soil, they found no welcoming or appreciative country or the peace they so badly wanted. The bullets might have quit flying, but new struggles—PTSD, lingering wounds, social abandonment, and the effects of Agent Orange—took their place.



Fixing Jaw Pain is a self-help guide designed for people suffering from issues with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw joint. Some common symptoms include jaw pain, facial pain, clicking, locking, reduced opening or closing of your mouth, stiffness, headaches, ear pain, ringing in your ears, tooth pain, grinding, and clenching. This can affect daily activities like talking, eating, yawning, chewing, sleeping, physical intimacy, and driving. Does this sound familiar? Are you the one in twenty-five who suffers from this condition? Look no further!

Fixing Jaw Pain offers you simple tools (like exercise, self-massage techniques, and relaxation and coping strategies) to help with your problems. Each chapter has worksheets that build upon the information as you go. Learn powerful techniques to treat yourself. Take charge of your pain, and kick-start your healing today!



Drafted into the US Army, Ronald Evers never fit in, and after one last firefight in Vietnam, he has had enough. Deserting his company to form a band of criminals from many other countries, he becomes the “King of the Jungle.”

Tasked to find Evers and bring him to justice, Hank Maples is thrown into one dangerous situation after another, until he badly wounds and almost captures Evers. But the hunt is not over. Escaping deeper into the jungle, Evers survives his wounds and swears to hunt down Maples-no matter how long or how far he has to go to get his revenge.

In Traitor’s Revenge, the hunted becomes the hunter. But who will become the prey?



Lady Be Good transports us to the glittering, sumptuous era of 1920s New York to follow the life of aspiring actress Dorothy Hale as she comes of age. Breaking societal rules imposed on women, “Peck’s Bad Girl of Pittsburgh Society” leaves behind her privileged world for the bright lights of Broadway to chase her dream. From convent-school debutante runaway to Ziegfeld showgirl to Hollywood star, Hale transforms herself into one of the most adored figures in the highest echelons of society. Yet behind the public façade the darling of the press contends with heart-rending loss, gossip and betrayal, and a tempestuous friendship with Luce.

Surrounded by her fabulous circle of friends—Gertrude Stein, Fred Astaire, Cole Porter, James Roosevelt, Elsa Maxwell, and other iconic figures—Dorothy finds her way to the other side of heartbreak and prepares for a White House wedding. Then, suddenly, at age thirty-three, at the height of happiness and peak of her fame, she falls to her death. Her life story is revised and written into history by the tabloids and the famed and fêted who once stood by her side—leading to this novel’s stunning conclusion.

Former NBC producer Pamela Hamilton turns her journalism skills on discovering the facts about Dorothy Hale’s story, then spins them with color and life into breathtaking revelations about the irresistible and misunderstood glamour girl whose legend has endured for more than half a century.



“A great life depends on a great fit between who we are and the environments in which we work and live.”

Getting to G.R.E.A.T. is a lively, practical guidebook for living with a proven method that has already changed so many lives. Loaded with science and stories, each information-packed chapter launches with a topic-relevant vignette from the author’s own experience, moves to research and practical recommendations on each chapter topic, and concludes with a chapter-specific case example and exercise for personal use.

Beginning with the pivotal event that shaped the trajectory of her work and life, Madelaine Weiss reveals a powerfully effective five-step strategy for satisfaction and success in your own work and life.



Chasing the Widowmaker: The History of the Heart Attack Pandemic traces the intricate and fascinating history of how a disease that has claimed the lives of millions over the millennia has, over the short span of the last six decades, become a problem that can be diagnosed, treated, and prevented. So many have been affected by the scourge of atherosclerosis, the precursor of the heart attack. In Chasing the Widowmaker, Arnold B. Meshkov, MD, explains the fundamental scientific foundations for treating the number one killer in the world.





In Under Blood Moons, J. J. Partridge pulls back the curtain on the drama of parole board hearings and unpopular decisions.

Under Blood Moons introduces a not-to-be-forgotten hero, the raffish Jake Fournier. As a former boozer and opiate abuser who still suffers migraines and PTSD resulting from the loss of an arm in the Iraq War and the death of his pregnant wife at the hands of a hit-and-run driver, he makes an improbable parole board member. Amid confronting his wife’s murderer in a fight to the death, he steps into a whirlwind of political and social media turmoil when an embittered and disfigured lifer-who, thirty years earlier, as a teenager, confessed to a brutal murder-petitions the board for parole.



When Adam Decker and three fellow former US Navy officers set out to start a unique cruise-line business by purchasing and reconditioning a mothballed US Navy warship, they soon learn that they have vastly underestimated the costs. Enter Mr. Pratt, a mysterious gentleman who offers to help resolve the company’s financial troubles-if they agree to sail into the Arabian Gulf and perform a “service” for his client, the country of Kuwait. The officers and crew are ill prepared for the challenges that they face as they transit to the Arabian Gulf where the operation escalates to a powerful climax.