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The 2018 winners of the Chanticleer International Book Awards were recognized at the annual Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Banquet ceremony on April 27, 2019.


Lynn Yvonne Moon’s Whispers won the Grand Prize in the Dante Rossetti Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction.


Harvey A. Schwartz’s Never Again won First in Category in the Global Thriller Book Awards.


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Whispers by Lynn Yvonne Moon

Musetta is only twelve years old, but understands the devastating effects of incest. Every Friday night, she’s visited and abused by her father. Then to her shock and dismay, one night he’s murdered. After the funeral, Musetta believes she can finally live a happy life as a teenager. But, to her horror, the attacks continue, and what is even more terrifying is that the walls are whispering. Now she must ask the question, why is her father’s ghost haunting her? With the help of her three closest friends, they uncover a hidden family secret that exposes not only Musetta, but threatens their very lives. Whispers delves into the unground world of incest and the terrifying consequences it places on the victim and their family.



Never Again by Harvey A. Schwartz

Israel is destroyed by an atom bomb. Neighboring armies overrun the country. Two ships jammed with thousands of homeless Israeli Jews limp into Boston Harbor. America slams its doors. Before the ships can be sent back to the new nation of Palestine, the refugees are violently freed, killing ten coastguardsmen. Arrests of thousands of these new “enemy combatants” are met with marches and bombings as American Jews struggle to balance their loyalty to America with the realization that the atrocities that inspired the phrase “never again” have become possible in the here and now. American Jews must decide where their loyalties lie: with a government they view as heartless, or with fellow Jews whose lives are at stake. They fail in court, fail at applying political pressure, and finally resort to increasingly violent acts of terrorism. When they acquire one of Israel’s missing atomic bombs, they must decide how far they will go to convince their country to change its course. How far will the government go to stop what it brands as American traitors? NEVER AGAIN presents a shockingly believable nightmare and compels readers to consider what they would do to stop it.