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by John Koehler

Last night I was privileged to attend a Book Launch Party for Keith Deel, author of Fluidus, a collection of poetry. They asked me to say “a few words.” I wandered in the desert of my words. This is what I wish I’d said.




Keith Deel is a car dealer. A very good one.

But that does make him a poet. Right? Seriously, a poet should be a guy living out in the middle of the forest somewhere, or hiking through the Himalayas or the Sahara. Someone who has suffered greatly and is a champion of life. An artist who devotes his entire life to his work. Right?

But a car dealer?

This reminds me of the story of how David was selected to be the next King of Israel back in the day. The prophet Samuel had followed God’s directions and lined up the sons of Jesse to see who the Lord would pick. These were fine young men, strong, brave warriors. But God held out for the man after His own heart. He held out for David, the puny young shepherd.

He told Samuel, “God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.”

Keith Deel is a man after God’s own heart and he was gifted with the ability to write poetry. Just like David. Keith’s poems are heartfelt and rendered with grace and strength, humility and weakness, and delivered in a number of different formats and expressive ways that excite the soul and light the way.

Poetry is to words what Jazz is to music. It can be strange and must be unbridled. It follows a chord and rules that must be broken often in order that the artist can write from the heart. It requires inspiration—the breath of life—from your muse, who in Keith’s case happens to be the original Creator of us all.

What we do for work does not determine the work that God will do in us, or the creative gifts that we receive. Do not pay attention to the things on the surface, to the man who sells cars. Instead pay attention to the inner man, who has heard the voice of God speaking to him for his entire life, surging through him like a river. That is the man whom God called to bring forth flowing words of faith and life.

Keith Deel is an inspiration to us all. No matter our background or education, no matter how smart or brave or beautiful or wise or small or large. No matter what we look like or how we speak, we can share from our inner heart through the written word as an expression of ourselves.

Thank you Keith for the reminder of David and for sharing yourself through the poems of your heart.




Fluidus speaks with emotion to anyone who has experienced joy and pain in the mystery of this life. Recognizing the brokenness we find in our human existence, the poetry of Fluidus begs with questions, answers with belief, and finds humor on the path we all experience.

It portrays the ebb and flow of life’s deepest questions of faith and doubt. It wades in the raw pain of life’s realities, covering the joy and laughter that comes from finding purpose.  This melodic collection of poetry will take you on a twisting, turning journey on the river of life as it flows to the eternal sea.  It is a deep baptism of the mind for all who love the pursuit of understanding and the drama of this life.

Publisher: Koehler Books (December 1, 2016)
Softcover: $19.95,   978-1-63393-374-3
Hardcover: $29.95,  978-1-63393-422-1
Ebook: $6.99,  978-1-63393-375-0
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches



About the Author

Keith Deel’s Fluidus is his debut collection of poetry that spans more than thirty years of writing. He has written lyrics for songs, including Big World on the album To A Man.  Keith Deel earned his B.S. in History from Lee University and a M.A. in Biblical Studies and Church History from Regent University. He has taught both History and Bible at the High School and College levels. He lives in Virginia Beach, Va with his wife Letha Holland-Deel and their four children.