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The Stars on Vita Felice Court

by Emily H. Keefer

The Stars on Vita Felice Court explores a unique story of self-love, discovery, love of others, and how to simply be in each stage of life. Val Beckley is facing an ordinary complication that many teenagers meet — yearning to escape a small town in hopes of becoming something more, later making a life changing decision that is not so ordinary. Perceiving the outcome as greener on the other side, Val convinces herself that she has found the new start she was looking for — in the desert of suburban Mesa, Arizona with her newly found church organization, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also widely known as “the Mormons” or “LDS Church.” Discovering new meanings of home, love, and family, Val takes a journey which leads her to the most unexpected place of all – her own heart where she didn't expect it before.

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