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The One Just South of Paradise

by T.X. O'Kelley

The One Just South of Paradise is the O’Neil family’s nickname for their rustic flyfishing lodge on a remote cay on the edge of the Out Island Bahamas. It is here, and on the majestic saltwater flats to the north, that South Florida surgeon Jack O’Neil finds solace and peace, and forges a bond with his daughter Catherine in their shared pursuit of the elusive ghost of the flats, the bonefish. It is also the story of the Bahamian guide Sebastian and his wife Veronica, and the people of North Andros Island. Their wisdom and grace weave through the lives of the two families, leading Catherine and her father to a deeper understanding of this place and the arc of their lives in and through it. Spanning South Florida and The Bahamas, Catherine narrates a three decade journey through triumph and tragedy for these families, all in pursuit of one true moment in life, art, and flyfishing.

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