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The Buddhist CEO

by Thane Lawrie

Hamish’s chance encounter with a Buddhist monk has a profound effect on his life. He dreams of becoming a monk one day, but he loves his family deeply, and at work, he quickly and unexpectedly climbs the career ladder. Hamish discovers that leading with compassion is a winning formula and is soon promoted to CEO of a struggling organization. Throughout the years, he continues to seek peace, solitude, and everyday answers at a Buddhist monastery, and strives to apply Buddhist teachings to everything he does. On the face of it, Hamish is successful, leading the organization on to win many awards and largely satisfied with his efforts to intermingle the material and spiritual. But behind the scenes, staff plot against him, attempting to bring him down and sabotage his efforts. Is it possible for the Buddhist CEO to solve these challenges, yet stay true to his core values and beliefs?

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