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Saved by Sport: True Stories of Ordinary People Facing Extraordinary Hardships; Finding Their Resilient Inner Athlete

by Marilyn Gansel, PsyD and Paul Schienberg, PhD

Often, to build ourselves up after a terrible physical or mental setback, we must start with our bodies. Gaining confidence in our physical selves can provide the space to find our inner resilient athlete. Saved by Sport shares the stories of ordinary individuals who have suffered significant traumas and discovered sport as the vehicle to heal their minds, bodies, and spirit. Each story’s psychological commentary adds a dimension that will help those who also have undergone profound life-changing experiences, providing hope to parents and children alike, even in the darkest of times. These individuals take you on a journey from near disaster to incredible victory. Get inspired to uncover your inner athlete and become more resilient and confident on the playing field of life!

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