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Mercy’s Heroes

by Tom Crowley

In Mercy’s Heroes, a Vietnam veteran battling with PTSD turns from the business world to life as a volunteer, helping to rescue and protect street kids in Bangkok’s biggest slum. Here Tom Crowley details the children’s efforts to survive abuse and the struggle for dignity waged by the poorest of families. Interwoven throughout, the author’s combat experiences and pain highlight the question of how to find personal reconciliation amid the struggles of abused children in the slums. In his efforts to help others, he gains a spiritual understanding worth much more than his financial loss. At the same time, he learns, “You must consign the failures to the burden the angels can carry and let go of the guilt.” This story will resonate with all those who want to gain a deeper insight into social work at the street level. The successes are to be celebrated—the losses mourned. Mercy’s Heroes portrays the healing that is to be found in helping others.

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