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America’s Next Great Awakening

by Christopher W. Naughton

Is America’s historic polarization ultimately a spiritual crisis? Is the solution America's Next Great Awakening? If America is to realize its sacred purpose— unity in diversity— an inner awakening that spans be-lief systems, religions (including atheism), transcends ideologies and honors scientific realities must emerge. As a microcosm of the world, will America fulfill its mission as the global leader in conscious awareness, enlightenment, invention and moral leadership? Or will world leadership pass to China, Russia or other autocratic forms of government? America’s Next Great Awakening tells the fascinating stories from within the American Soul. Stories from our past, our myths and our optimal futures, charting our way to resolve our current crises, preserving the American Republic and evolving into something more— towards a “more perfect union.” America is at a choice point: will we use our current crises to usher in an age of loss and authoritarianism? Or a new Age of Enlightenment?

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