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It may seem regressive to post about the writing process—after all, we’re mostly there for the post-writer’s-block-struggle period, when you’ve got an actual manuscript in hand. But the advice and process writers follow before they ever contact a publisher has a huge effect on the “finished” product we’re looking at; also, once you’re a published author, the writing bug tends to linger, so advice on the process is always useful. If nothing else, you’re reminded that you’re part of a community of strugglers and self-doubters.


Check out this compilation of advice from best-selling YA authors, and learn how to properly nurture your manuscript into becoming what it was meant to be.


7 Kick-Ass Writing Tips from 7 Best Selling YA Authors

by Tomi Adeyemi

If you’re like me, you have a People’s Magazine advertisement for the Divergent Series taped onto the wall where you write. You don’t keep it there for inspiration. You keep it there to bully you. Because when you sit down to write and 5 minutes later find yourself doing “research” on Pintrest for your “Dream Wedding” board, you look at your wall and see a 26 year-old-author worth $20 million who sold her New-York Best Seller to Summit Entertainment before she graduated college.

She mocks your “research” and shames you back onto Word. If you’re emotionally stable (i.e., not like me), you look at success and see opportunities to learn. What would Veronica tell me about details? What were her tricks to revision? In an attempt to be a less-dysfunctional human, I’m going to look at some of the best selling YA authors and learn their best tips.

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